Review: Chicken Capitol, Abuja

Finding Chicken Capitol, I got utterly confused at the Lingu Branch in Wuse 2. It is a cosy little restaurant but there was no sharwama spit anywhere. I think I was just tired so I left without a word, didn’t ask any questions, just walked in, looked round and walked straight out. Encouraged by my friends online, my second attempt was fruitful, and took me to the Chicken Capitol branch in Zone 3, Wuse.

If not that you people told me there was something good in there, heaven knows I would not have bothered. It looks quite rundown on the outside. Those boards are so washed out, I could have sworn the branch had folded up. My dad even asked me “Are you sure of this place you are going into?”

Well, we were both wrong, thankfully. Inside has a cool, clean and comfy sitting area that could accommodate about 16 people. With 3 flat screen TVs, cold drinks and friendly staff, it was a good place to wait and not a bad place to hang out in with company.

Now, when ordering, they’ve got these little forms where you tick and indicate your preferences; small, medium or large, chicken or beef, Pepper: No, Small or A lot, and same for garlic. I admired this. It seemed more precise, a structured succinct way to get information and be sure to satisfy the customer. I felt like someone here went to a good school or at least has plenty “sense”.  The form also lets you the customer know what your options are off the bat.

The shawarma took roughly 13 mins. I can’t say anything about the preparation process or hygiene standards though, because I have no idea how the shawarma was made nor did I see who made it. I don’t know if he wore any gloves. The sales girl went in and came out with the wraps, so we’ll just have to trust them on this.

As you’ll have noticed, Chicken Capitol shawarma is more expensive than all others on this list. What others call a Large they call a Medium, and with 2 sausages it costs N1600.  Compared to the others, this Medium is not as big as Shawarma King or Drumstix. The Large is thick, comes with 3 sausages and is almost the size of my arm.

This shawarma tastes phenomenal, good and moist, not too moist like Drumstix, just right in my opinion. I especially liked that garlic was an option alongside pepper, garlic and meat go soo well together! This might be my last shawarma review because I feel like I might have found the best, plus it’s been 2 days and I am still full.

If you’ve had Chicken Capitol shawarma, let me know what you think in the comment section. If you are in Abuja and you haven’t, you really should consider stopping by. In the meantime, I need to go for a walk, my tummy is so full it is sagging but gosh,  that shawarma was well worth it.

4 responses to “Review: Chicken Capitol, Abuja”

  1. I go all the way from wherever I am to buy Shawarma at Chicken Capitol. I had my first date there with my bf there and I’ve always gone there way too often behind his back, betrayed much…hehehe…

    The size is too amazing. I’ve never been able to finish it at a go though except it’s my first meal for the day. But the last time I was there, the wrap was a bit too dry or maybe it was the hunger that was dealing with me.

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