Beauty Product Review: Clarins Double Serum


Everyone recommends we take better care of our skin as we get older but I’m lazy and lack the discipline to do any more than shower on a regular basis. However, after an insightful thread on Twitter where almost everyone admitted to rubbing or swallowing something and a long look at my old pictures on Instagram, I decided to make a responsible effort to “fight ageing”.

Clarins Double Serum Complete Age Control Concentrate
Clarins Double Serum is said to be a “Complete Age Control Concentrate” formulated to improve five vital skin functions; hydration, nutrition, protection, oxygenation and regeneration, all for just “visibly younger looking skin”? Got me thinking “If it works, I should rub this serum all over my relationship and entire existence!” It is said to contain 20 active plant extracts, including turmeric. I don’t think I can eat 20 different plants even if they’d save my life.  If someone found a way to put them all in a bottle, I’m grateful.


Brand Image
The Clarins brand is very “Sciencey” and I like the idea of a product I use being research-based and subject to intense scrutiny, tested in a lab and everything. Even if it might just be great marketing, it makes me confident; knowing that I am investing in something certified. This stuff is so bourgeois, it’s got its own “trailer”. Watch.

Serum Consistency
This oil and water-based serum is super sheer, silky-soft on my skin and quick-drying. Within minutes of rubbing it in, I could forget I rubbed anything. It doesn’t clog my pores and doesn’t affect my make-up over it. In addition, it’s got a delicate and exotic fragrance I just can’t get enough of.

Prescriptive Dosage
I like that the bottle has the dosage dial to regulate how much product comes out at once. the larger setting squirts out quite a small amount and the lower setting even less. I feel like I am using just enough and not wasting a drop.

They’ve got this video on how to delicately apply this serum to your face but I’ll be honest and tell you that’s a bit too dainty for me. I feel like the product won’t get deep in my skin if I don’t rub it in thoroughly. I did not spend this much for pretty fingers. Every molecule must get into my face and I work the product right in.

Visible Improvement
I’ve been using this product religiously for over a month now. I haven’t got that many lines, wrinkles or sagging, but my skin is visibly smoother and the large pores around my T-zone are considerably smaller. My skin is definitely more radiant because my complexion is evening out. my skin is like… fried plantain, delicious, brown and shiny.
I wish I took a “before” picture to compare this with.



This one almost killed me. Some cost-benefit analysis and this amounted to at least 3 months worth of feeding money. Converted to naira and I had a real panic attack. In deciding between 30ml and 50ml, I had to do comparative maths:

50ml = £75 (N36,000) = 1.48 (N710) per ml
30ml = £57 (N27,360)= 1.9 (N912) per ml

I found that it’s 20% cheaper to buy 50ml and so I bit the bullet. Will I do it again when this bottle is empty? I don’t know. If my financial situation can allow it, most likely. Otherwise, I don’t think so. It’s just a lot of money to spend on my face every morning despite the compliments I get on how beautiful my skin looks.

The Pump
Despite its innovative design, I can’t vouch for the durability of the pump though. I dropped the bottle once and I damn near had a heart attack. The pump head came off slightly and I was mortified. I was able to pop it back in and have handled it with extra caution ever since.

Regardless, the pump squirts the serum out a bit too forcefully. I have to cup my palm to catch the product. The first time I used it, the serum flew out of my palm and on the table and wall. If you by this product, please keep this in mind. Remembering the cost of 1ml, I skillfully scooped up the serum from all the unsanitary locations and rubbed it on my face anyway.

Brand So White
Perhaps it’s just my limited experience but 90% of the time I find a promotion or review on this serum or Clarins products in general, it is represented by a pale white face. It had me wondering if the products were designed to meet only white skin needs and if there is a fundamental difference besides the presence of Melanin. It would be nice if Clarins used more diverse skin colour profiles in their marketing campaigns and communicated a bit more inclusivity.

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Other Sample Products
The best part about shopping at Clarins is the freebies! You can imagine how happy I was to open my box and discover all the extras just for me. I haven’t used most of the others but the Super Restorative Day and Night cream are thick and ultra-fine, keeping my skin moist despite the cold dry weather.

This is not a sponsored post so I don’t have any commission codes to promote. However, I recommend you give this product a try. You can get a free sample in most beauty retail outlets in the UK and in Nigeria, you can get it at Montaigne Place.

Have you use Clarins Double Serum Complete Age Control Concentrate?
Let me know what you think in the comments!
As always, thank you for reading!

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  1. bunmiamara says:

    36,000 niara, 🤜🏽 but it’s a good product from what I hear. I on the other hand tend to scout for cheaper product that works as well.

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    1. Red says:

      I know right? I’ve got a cheaper one in my next review but I think it’s got Hyaluronic Acid and u don’t know if that’s good or bad 😆


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