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Before we get seriously underway, there are two basic questions I want you to consider.

Firstly, Have you ever visited any beach in Lagos?
Secondly: What was your experience like and will you be visiting again?

Your answer to these questions can be submitted in the comment section.

In this SUPER COLLABORATIVE writeup, my beautiful friend, Favour shares her Lagos itinerary. She journeyed to the city of excellence for a 7-Day time out and during her stay she visited a shopping mall (ICM), computer village, hotels, restaurants and ONIRU PRIVATE BEACH.

Oniru Private Beach is one of the popular island hotspots in Lagos. The beautiful oasis is heavily patronised by locals and foreigners and it offers a balanced mix of music, food and gorgeous scenery.

The Beach is a resort owned by the great Oniru Royal Family and it entertains tens of thousands every week with Sundays…

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