Silk & Satin: Food Tasting at Faji Steakhouse | Abuja


📍13, Amazon Street, Maitama, Abuja.

So your girl was invited to a ‘food tasting’ event over the weekend. I was so excited cause that meant I’d be able to eat a variety of food all in one seating!


I was also excited at the thought of meeting fellow foodies and how we would discuss the food and I’d hear everyones different opinions.

@thebrowniegram, Bella, was the absolute best host. She was standing at the entrance waiting for guests arrival and she helped me find my way to the restaurant. I walked in and our reserved area was set up beautifully. First thing that caught my eye was the table setting with it’s nice cutlery x napkins.


I first sat with @thecillestreet, @kolimomedia and @ade.jpg. We introduced ourselves and basically gave a brief bio and we instantly clicked. I found it super interesting that Lucille (middle) paints murals round the city…

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