AS Genotype Couple

Your Options as an AS Genotype Couple

Edited by the Chocoholic Girl

Discovering what our options were was difficult for me because the information is so dispersed, online and in real life. This post is your one-stop to answering the burning question “What do we do now? What are our options“. It’s a long one but I promise it’ll be worth your while. (Just remember to share.)

AS Genotype Couple

Having healthy children is a priority for most couples. To achieve this, ensuring that your partner is medically compatible is often an important step. Since you are reading this post, I’ll assume you are AS, SS or knows someone who is, then you’ll agree with me when I say our genotype is that silent factor that defines who you date or dump, for fear of having children born with the dreaded SS genotype, known as Sickle Cell Anemia.

Now, at the risk of telling you what you already know, I’ll start with the basics but I’ll be brief. Statistically, for two Sickle Cell Carriers (i.e AS and AS genotype) there’s a 25% chance of having a child with the Sickle Cell disease (i.e 1 out of 4 children).

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Please keep in mind that this 25% chance is not a rule, it’s a probability and probabilities are based on uncertainty. Let me explain: A couple could have all 4 healthy children and none with the disease, others all 4, 3, 2 or 1 with the disease. To be honest, it comes down to luck. To learn about the impact of Sickle Cell Disease on the family, click here.

That said, grab your partner and brace yourself while we explore your options.


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29 thoughts on “Your Options as an AS Genotype Couple

  1. Am As but my blood group is A+ while my husband to be is also As but his blood group is O+. How many children of our is free from ss


  2. My girlfriend and I have been dating for two years now. We just find out that we both have same genotype “AS”. Presently we are finding it difficult to move on our separate way. Please is there any medical advice for us to have a healthy child without SS GENOTYPE


  3. I and my wife are of the same As geno type and she has never aborted any baby for me because I was the one that disvirgined her
    is it possible for us to have an ss child


    1. Dear Collins, the genotype of your child has nothing to do with previous abortions or your wife’s sex life. It is genetic and so hereditary.
      God bless you and your wife.


  4. Its so painful and heartbreaking knowing that we are both carriers…we love each other very much. I don’t think I can let go. Pls what can we do about it?


    1. There is no medical or scientific research to suggest that there is a correlation between the number of children or abortion and the genotype of subsequent issues.

      What I am saying in essence is, the number of abortions you have had has nothing to do with the genotype of your children in the future.



  5. My fiance and i are both AS genotypes, we love each other n intend to get married n have 3 kids, but d problem is dat someone told me that since i’ve had previous abortions for him, dat our first child or children might be SS. Pls is dis true?

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  6. My fiance and i re both AS genotype n we cant leave eachother, n nw we want to get married to have 3 kids bt d problem nw is most people r tellin me dat since i’ve had abortions for him in d past, dat we might have SS children. pls is this true

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  7. Thank u so much for this post, u did justice to the genotype issues.
    This post has opened my eyes to the options available to the AS genotype people.
    Thank u one again.

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  8. i have always had a contradicting result for every time i do ma genotype test. some say AA and others AS.
    But am married to my husband an AS too. we both share thesame genotype from this last test i did.
    am working on faith . God help mi

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    1. Hi Osas, thank you for reading. Check out my post on pre-implantation genetic diagnosis in Nigeria and I wish you happiness in what ever decisions you make


      1. Please help me where I can see the previous implantation option in Nigeria, I am also an as likewise my husband, what do we do to avoid having an SS child.

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    1. Thank you. Please remember to share.
      Knowing your boyfriend’s genotype is important but I can’t say that it should be the sole basis for deciding to date him or not. Goodluck


        1. Yes, I would have. I thought that would be obvious given the amount of research I did on this. But then again, my personal life choices in this regard are not exactly relevant here nor are they your concern. The point is, we have choices and deserve to know this.


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