Review: Shawarma King Maitama, Abuja

After work today,  I set out to find the much-talked-about Shawarma King. The thing is, my bestie and I had tried to find this place one evening out but couldn’t locate it and I realised why. You see, I was determined to find this mysterious place, so I fought through the traffic that’s almost always on that Gana street, parked and started asking people around where the shawarma shop was.

I saw the faded sign board but there was no shawarma shop in sight. Not even the smell of roasting meat. Long story short, Shawarma King has its entrance behind, and it is located at the back of the Supermarket complex. To be honest, for all the rave and colourful website, it is a small unimpressive shop with a waiting-area in the hallway outside the shop. There’s no eating-area, it’s just takeaway.

The menu is impressive with relative variety including cheese. I love cheese so I got all kinds of excited, imagining shredded Parmesan, Mozzarella or Cheddar cheese. The guy walked to the fridge and showed me half a slice of cheese, the one that comes in sandwich slices. Now I was gunning for “Double Cheese” only to be informed that 1 full slice of cheese = Double cheese. That did not make any sense to me and left me slightly disappointed. Nevertheless, I settled for just the double sausage and waited in the hallway for my shawarma. Service time was about the same as Sahad’s Shawarma.

Now, cheese or not this shawarma is fantastic. First of, I really like the branded wrapping. It’s colourful, and gave a sense of effort put in it’s packaging. From the picture you can see just how juicy it is, enough ketchup and some mayonnaise I think, I even got some of it on my camera. The chicken chucks were thick and spicy. I caught myself moaning after every bite. I swear I finished the roll in what I’m sure is a personal record, and could barely stop to take pictures between bites. I had requested a little pepper and it was perfect. Shawarma King completely redeemed my previous experience. I’m unashamed to say I want more, but that traffic.

If you are in Abuja and craving shawarma, Shawarma King will make you very happy. Do check out the Shawarma King website, where they offers an online order process. I have not used it but it would be so much more convenient for customers. If you’ve had shawarma from Shawarma King, please let me know what you think in the comment section below.


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