Reading Living: Greenow House Flat and Room Tour

There really isn’t much about Greenow and McCombie House online, so following my previous post: Finding Greenow and McCombie House, this is a general tour of a Greenow House flat. Like I stated, Greenow and McCombie House are “sister houses” and are identical in design so you can expect the same architecture and furnishing in both.

Flat Entrance
At the top of the stairs, you access your flat behind these green doors using your key. Each flat has 8 rooms and you will be assigned one of them. The hallway has motion-sensitive lighting to save power and so it also gives me a sense of my neighbours moving around.

The hallway and kitchen are cleaned every Wednesday and I think the trash is taken out every Monday. There’s also a fire alarm testing on Friday morning at 10am.

The Kitchen
I was pleasantly surprised by the kitchen space, furnishing and equipment. Where to start. First, we have more than enough storage space for all 8 flat members to keep kitchenware and foodstuff. There are also 3 fridges providing ample space for food storage.

As you can see, a number of kitchen tools and equipment are provided. For cooking, there is a microwave, a toaster, a kettle, two four-burner cookers with two functional ovens and corresponding smoke extractors.

For cleaning, there’s a nice little sink, a grey plate rack, vacuum cleaner and trash and recycle bins. There’s also an ironing board (no one ever uses) in one of the wardrobes along with a dustpan and brush.

I love this dining area. It is so well-lit and doubles as our meeting, hang out or party room in the evenings. In the daytime, this is my stock photography studio because there’s so much natural light coming in from all the large windows and the pristine white walls serve as an excellent background for my images.

The Room
Each room has a number and no, this isn’t mine but let’s go in any way.
As you already guessed, I love the large clear window and its been great for food photography, particularly when the kitchen area is busy. The white walls are plus too.

There’s a desk lamp I have come to appreciate having spent long hours studying at this desk and six sockets around the study area. This means you never run out of access to electricity. There’s space to charge your phone, laptop, printer and hear dryer all at the same time.

There’s a yellow LAN wire over 6feet long so you can get internet connection in your bed even though there’s wireless internet access in the building.

There’s a decent amount of storage space on the shelf for books, in the wardrobe for clothes (no hangers though. You’ll have to bring yours), in the desk drawers for stationery and makeup and under the mattress for other bulky stuff. There’s more space over the entrance door, where I like to keep my shoes. It is a small room but overall, I find it fairly equipt and quite habitable.

On the downside, It is frustrating that the heat radiator isn’t closer to the active area of the room and its warmth takes ages to be felt. The wardrobe mirror faces the window so it is quite pointless because I can’t see a thing.

In addition, the lighting is poorly located and limited to the desk area. Consequently, finding clothes in the wardrobe is a challenge because the wardrobe and indeed the rest of the room is quite dark especially on cloudy days and at night.

I won’t put any time or resources into decorating this space because my tenancy is only for 40 weeks. Right now, I have about 30 weeks left to find a new place off-campus and then, depending on what my future holds, I might be stable and have reason to decorate.

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The Convenience
The shower, toilet and sink are in the corner section of the room by the entrance, skillfully crammed and walled in. There’s also a small cabinet where I store my toothbrush and other toiletries, there’s a small shower rack for soap or shower gel and a small dustbin under the sink.

The bathroom has got one light source above the sink that shines brightly enough. There’s a mirror above the sink that serves much better than the previous one I described.

I appreciate that extractor comes on as you switch on the light. It keeps air moving through the room and prevents lingering odours and a stale moist smell from building up.

And that’s it! I hope this is post has clarified any concerns you might have been curious about and been helpful in deciding what you might need to bring along or buy on arrival.

Do you live in Greenow or McCombie House? Are you a Prospective Student?
Let me know what you think in the comments!
As always, thank you for reading!

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