Review: Drumstix Wuse 2, Abuja

Drumstix is a bigger establishment and was comparatively easier to locate than Shawarma King. I particularly like that there’s enough space for parking compared to Shawarma King.

Located on Alexandria crescent, Drumstix has really friendly staff and an outdoors sitting area, making it convenient for waiting, or eating-out with company.

If you enjoy seeing how your food is made, Drumstix is for you. The preparation process here is visible. The whole set up including the spit is in full view unlike the others I have been to. I was also happy they use gloves when preparing the shawarma, and there was a box of plastic gloves right there.

The menu is too simple and with price, stuck on the wall by the pay-point. It didn’t include cheese or say that an extra sausage in your shawarma cost N100. About cheese, they let me know Cheddar cheese was available for N200 a slice, and it’s a whole slice not half. I order the same thing I had in Shawarma King and ended up with this slim, tall, sweet-smelling wrap.

This Shawarma was moist, a lot of ketchup and a lot of mayonnaise. Soaking wet actually, compared to all the others, easy to swallow but it could do with a little less. Pepper was also available but I suggest you demand that with caution. The pepper is hot…at least for me. The price is also slightly less compared to Shawarma King. A big shawarma with 2 sausages cost 1400, N100 less. They offer free delivery in a number of certain areas of Abuja, including Apo and Maitama, and have a partnership i think with Jumia to deliver shawarma at a cost.

My only reservation is the bread wrap. They use a single flatbread pilled in two, so the roll was comparatively soft and became soggy quickly. It was slightly less satisfying than Shawarma King. I just didn’t feel as full. Also beware of  the Friday afternoon traffic in the area ecause of the Mosque nearby. For the numbers to call and order, please click here.

In my opinion, Drumstix Shawarma is great value for money, the location and outdoor sitting area is perfect for people-watching and getting a feel of the city, and the convenience associated with getting it is priceless. If you’ve had Drumstix shawarma, please let me know what you think in the comment section below.


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