How to Calculate Daily Changing Working Days in a Month in Tableau


Working day are usually Monday through Friday excluding public holidays. Calculating the number of working days spent is often useful for in business analytics for a variety of indicators since most businesses do not work on weekends. This post will share the steps to dynamically calculate the number of working day in the current month everyday.

Below are steps to create a dynamic working days calculation, that changes daily.

Step 1: Create data source
This could be a Comma-separated values file (.csv) or Microsoft Excel spreadsheets (.xls) with at least 2 columns to hold the day, month and year as a date and the number of working days as an integer.

Data source in xls or csv
Data source in xls or csv

Step 2: Connect to this data source in Tableau
Create a table with your date and the number of working days


Step 3: Create a calculated field
I like to call this Dynamic Working days



This is adapted from by Ian Baldwin


Step 4: Verify
Drag Dynamic working days into the row shelf to verify that the number of working days past is correct for the current month.

Step 5: Save

It is important to note that this only works as long as your data source has the relevant date in it. This means that you will need to update your number of working day occasionally to keep it up to day. The number of working days in a month is difficult to automate because holidays vary across dates and countries. To use this in other calculations, you may need to put this within an INT function.

You can create a blend relationship with any data sources provided that also has a date column or columns

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