Too Late For New Year Resolutions?

It’s the end of the second week of the year and probably too late to be saying Happy New Year, but I only just turned in my coursework and so I’ll say it anyway: Happy New Year!

This post is a follow-up to my previous post: If We Were Having Coffee: 2018 Review. I’ll be listing my plans for this blog, my photography business, school and personal life. Let’s get to it, shall we?

2019 Goals
For this blog, I plan to maintain this comfortable pace, posting once a week. I can’t promise I’ll deliver on a particular day of the week, my life just isn’t that organised, to be honest. I hope to do more books and Netflix Movie reviews along with my Reading Living series. I already started with Genevieve’s Lionheart. If you haven’t seen it, check out my review. if you have, leave me a comment and remember to share.

I might throw in a few beauty products and fashion related reviews as well. Due to my location change, I won’t be doing many restaurant reviews, nor will I do any travel blogging because I don’t expect I’ll be travelling much this year. I might find the time to tour London though, it’s been on my list for a few years now but it just isn’t a priority at the moment.

In photography, I hope to maintain my target at 100 new images every month even though relocating has made this quite challenging. I’ll make an effort to go out during weekends to shoot more often and practice street photography. Unlike in back home where we react to cameras like its a gun, people here are friendly and happy to smile for a shot. Here, folks want their pictures taken.

In addition, I will build my portfolio on Getty Images and update the other on Dreamstime to boost revenue. It’s going to be hard work but it might be worth it.

In school, I’ll be more consistent at audio recording my lectures and getting at least 20 hours of study per week. Either way, I’ll be graduating next year and hope to God that I graduate with that distinction because I don’t know if I’d be able to live with less. Additionally, I’ll be putting in PhD research proposals and job applications and see where everything goes.

In my spiritual life, I’m reading the whole Bible this year. I failed 6 months into my last attempt in 2017. This year, I’m going to try again using YouVerision Bible Plan: 2019. You should join me.

Finally, in my personal life, I’m staying off Tinder. Perhaps, I’ll do a few Tinder stories (even though it’s been ages since I discussed anything really personal on here), not that I’ve had any bad experiences or anything creepy enough to be interesting. So far, I’ve met great people. Thing is, I just realised that getting back in that game is work I really don’t have the time and emotional energy for. Butterflies are soo exhausting. Am I old or just lazy…or scared? If you are dating in your 30’s, please leave me a comment below.

I feel terrible that I just “ghosted” on some really cool guys but the truth is, I panicked. I got overwhelmed receiving and having to give attention. Then there’s my studies and exams. This might not be the best time to get my heart and panties in a bunch if you know what I mean.  There’s so little time and too much at stake to faff around.

Now tell me, what are your plans for this exciting New Year? Any plans or resolutions?
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8 responses to “Too Late For New Year Resolutions?”

  1. Great plans you have got.. For me i want to get admission for my masters because its what I have been pursuing for some years now, or an opportunity for a good job. With that all other things will fall in place.

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