Movie Review: A Quiet Place

Movie Review: A Quiet Place

Movie Review: A Quiet PlaceMy life recently got extra busy and I haven’t done any movie reviews in almost a month. But it’s 2am and bloody hell, I can’t wait to tell you about this movie! I live for a good scary movie so when I watched the trailer last year, I knew I had to see this one. I believe it’s in my previous post on the top 10 movies I was looking forward to in 2018.

If you haven’t seen A Quiet Place trailer, here’s your chance;

Long story short the monsters can’t see you unless you make a sound. Consequently, this whole movie had fewer than 10 sentences. A lot like Tom and Jerry, but a lot less funny. I didn’t even catch the characters names because so little was said. To be sure, the daughter doesn’t utter a single word through the whole 120-something minutes?

As you’d have noticed, the family adapted by communicating in sign language and reducing noisy circumstances. Food served on leaves, dice rolled on clothe, walking about bare feet. But. this couple knows they are a ticking bomb because mommy is pregnant and due in 2 weeks.

This movie is significantly different from a lot of others because of the lack of dialogue. There are subtitles to interpret the occasional use of sign language by the characters, but most of the time, we the viewers are left to decipher the characters thoughts, concerns and emotions by their actions.

Despite being focused on only 4 characters in one location, this movie is not boring. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. In all, there were only 7 living human characters in the entire movie, of which almost half were dead before the end. I was so caught up in the plot that I didn’t even notice how few characters really were. I’m tip-toeing and careful not to give you any spoilers.

This movie gave new appreciation to having a voice, not just as a tool for communication but also as a means of self-expression and release. The opportunity to yell, scream out loud or just have a good cry was a luxury no one could afford in this movie if they wanted to live. This made me see biological reflexes like sneezing and coughing very differently. In many ways, it also validated the safety and tranquility we find in silence even in everyday life.

Anyway, things get really bad for the family. I swear I couldn’t decide if I was running a fever because I was shivering terribly from fear. My heart rate was so high, I might have easily died of a stroke before the movie’s end. Lord knows I haven’t said a word and might freak out if I hear any loud sounds right now. Even when a really sad part came on, I cussed in my head at the tiny tear rolling out of my eye but I just couldn’t make a single sound.

The suspense and panic in this movie is so contagious and will have you mindful and unable to speak. Don’t bring popcorn to the cinema for this one guys. Don’t be the one to get everyone killed.

John Krasinski and Emily Blunt were so good together. Despite the lack of words and the tense settings, their romance and affection, and ambition as parents were palpable. Perhaps the role came naturally to them because they are a real-life couple, married for 8 years with 2 daughters.

Summarily, this is an awesome movie because it ends well. The end is a bit abrupt but it left me wanting more, like “Watch out for Part 2” Nollywood style.

However, this movie felt like the middle of another story. We don’t know where the creatures came from or how the world got that way. We don’t know where anyone else is or how they are coping. In my sister’s opinion, it might have been nice to see some more action, a bit more blood and gore and some detail to the creature’s method. Something to actually dread.

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I decided to see if I’d survive a single day in this movie and planned a quiet day in my head. But I coughed while brushing my teeth, allowed myself a decent morning fart on the throne, and in that moment realized that this movie was completely unrealistic. Sounds and noises are the most underrated part of human existence.

For such an understated movie with almost zero hype compared to Black Panther, it’s certainly worthwhile. It’s one of those super gripping movies where you need to pee but you can’t get up. You are petrified if not spellbound. If you have got anxiety or blood pressure issues, I recommend you take your meds before this one.

It’s okay for family viewing but I doubt it’s something really young kids will understand or enjoy. Personally, I can’t guarantee I’d watch it again because there’s only so much my heart can take. However, I certainly recommend you watch it!

Have you seen A Quiet Place? Let me know what you think in the comments!
As always, thank you for reading!

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7 responses to “Movie Review: A Quiet Place”

  1. This movie got on my nerves…lol…you’d think because of this I’d have stopped looking at it…nope…watched it till the very end mainly because I was waiting for more… There had to have been more…but there wasn’t. Why in the hell would you even get pregnant in an environment like that… I was really looking forward to how they would mask the noise. Dare I say Emily really delivered a stellar performance in that scene… I cringed for every second of it… It was definitely different from the usual horror/suspense I’ve grown accustomed… and the fact that the only time they spoke was under the waterfall…

    It was the monster of cliff hangers… I was left with too many questions…where did the creatures come from…what happened before there were only those left…I would have loved to see the build up.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Real life couple? They really do place those of people side by side in movies?

    I love the way you talk about everything you talk about. You make me always want to eat the meal you describe or go to the same restaurant you visited, or watch you movies you reviewed.

    At first I though you gave this movie a thumbs down by how you started in a groaning way. But alas 😂😂

    Hmmm sounds like something. I’ll enjoy. I do like quiet dramas. Hmm

    Liked by 1 person

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