Since We’ll Soon Be Having Coffee…

It’s the final quarter of the year, so following my previous journal entry; If We Were Having Coffee…or Not, I thought this would be a good time to take a break from reviews to do a somewhat personal update.

First off, I’m quite happy with the progress I’ve made with this blog, my photography business and certain aspects of my personal life.

Regarding blogging, I have succeeded at posting at least once a week, often more, and this year’s total views and visitors have exceeded all of 2017, and the year isn’t over yet. WordAds revenues aren’t where I’d like them to be, but they are slowly picking up. On the downside, I haven’t got any paid ads running or sponsored posts. A few Nigerian businesses have contacted me to review their products or include their website links in my posts. But, they want me to do it for free.

Here’s the thing, I shouldn’t have to explain that I don’t pay for web-hosting with shawarma. Search Engine Optimisation cost money. Internet Providers will not accept food in exchange for Internet Access. Writing and photography take a lot of time. I’m not about to spend 5 hours, shooting, editing, uploading, writing, proofreading and publishing, all for free. Now I’m happy to negotiate rates with a business but nothing at all? That’s just not fair.

Stock Photography has been phenomenal. My brain is constantly flooded with inspirations for saleable shots, and since my earnings have exceeded my monthly salary at work, it’s safe to say my product and growth strategy is working. I’m actually creating products people want to pay for and this fills me with such a huge sense of personal satisfaction, the late nights are worthwhile and I’m eager to put in more work.

blogging and photography cost money
blogging and photography cost money

In my personal life, I’m happy to tell you that in 2 weeks I’ll be resuming at Henley Business School for a Masters in Information Management and Digital Business (Big Data in Business). It’s my second Master’s Degree and the goal is to update and merge my Computer Science and Business backgrounds while acquiring research experience for a PhD.

I’ll admit I’m a little concerned that I may be too old for school and end up as the “Olodo” of my class. Regardless, I’m excited about this year-long challenge and have been preparing for it using Big Data Courses on Coursera. Guys, I want a Distinction, so be prepared. I might bore you with my coursework and assignments in Data Mining, Business Intelligence and Business Informatics to name a few.

You’ll find updates on my Academic Journey here: Reading Living. My hope is that blogging about my courses will be useful to other students in the field while improving my assimilation and making studying slightly more enjoyable.

On the extracurricular side, you already know how much I love to travel. I’m looking forward to the adventure of living in a new town in a different country. It’s not my first time in England but I haven’t made any blog posts in this regard since Bath. I’m looking forward to exploring London, visiting the British Museum and Lake District National Park, and finding the Stonehenge. So, expect some travel blogging.

I don’t expect I’ll be able to do as many movie reviews with my new lifestyle but, I’m ecstatic about Netflix on that high-speed internet connection.

I might sneak in some British food and fashion reviews, even though I’m concerned that they might not interest you; my Nigerian friends. Brits have the most interestingly named meals like Toad in the Hole, and Bangers and Mash. Is it me or does Bubble and Squeak sound a lot like a bath gel?

Even though I am not looking forward to my first full winter come December, I’m excited about British Winter Fashion. I’m mentally putting together my Winter Wardrobe including a pair of Ugg boots and Dr Martens. Winter Outfits look so chic on social media, with the plain dull colours and interesting layering techniques and I’d love to try it out, even though part of me is concerned I will look like a ball in so many clothes.

That said, I don’t think I’ll be doing a Christmas Giveaway this year. Mailing stuff home to Nigeria from the United Kingdom cost an arm and two legs. Plus, your girl has got “student loans” to worry about.

blogging, photography and studying
blogging, photography and studying

Summarily, my immediate future is bringing significant changes to my lifestyle and consequently this blog. The idea behind this blog was to share information that might be helpful to a reader, and I’ll stay true to that as much as I can. I hope you find a way to put up with the coming changes and stick around till things pen out.

Next time we have coffee, it will most likely be to keep me from falling asleep and failing a test. But, till then. Now, about you.

Since we’ll soon be having coffee, how are you? Really. What have you been up to? What’s new with you? I’d genuinely like to know in the comment section below!
As always, thank you for reading!

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