8 Tips to Get You Through A Boring Class

Learning is hardly ever a pleasant process and there’s always that one boring class you’d rather not attend. Sometimes it’s the topic or the teacher, other times it is you. This post is a list of things you can do, not just to make it through the class without nodding off but to enjoy it!

1. Be Curious
Think of every lecture as a service you paid for and yes, you did. It’s what the applications, scholarship or at huge school fees get you. It’s your time and money’s worth. So be curious about what the lecturer wants to tell you that is so valuable. Take an interest and make it a goal to get value out of the hour you’ll be sitting there. You would take N20,000 to the market and come home empty-handed? Why leave a lecture having learnt nothing?

2. Read Ahead
The lecturer can only do so much. They will talk and explain to the best of their ability but they can’t USB plug the knowledge in your brain or stick the lecture slides in there. They have got so little time and a lot to cover. So read ahead of every class and like I said before, be curious. Think of the class like a meeting and make it personal. The lecturer is coming to discuss a topic with you tomorrow and you want to get all the knowledge you can from this person. Again, you earned for this!

3. Sit in Front
The verdict is still out on whether classroom sitting positions influence academic performance. Regardless, I say sit in front. In my opinion, sitting right in front of the Lecturer reduces distractions like the 10 heads that might be in front of you and what they might be wearing or doing. When you are right in front, all you are concerned with is the PowerPoint slide in front of you and the faculty speaking. Plus, you are less likely to sleep there.

4. Keep Away Electronic Devices
Yes, I’m talking about your laptop and smartphone and no, in the one hour of class there will be no emergency. Leave your phone in your bag and of course on silent. Get it out in 1 hour if you must and when you are done, put it right back. Same goes for your laptop especially if it is not required for practical use. Our mobile phones are our Number 1 source of distraction in class; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram notifications, Whatsapp Chat and emails and that LED lights blinking will keep you coming back. Take control of your life and time. Put the phone away.

5. Have Coffee
Arguably the most popular beverage in the world, Coffee is guaranteed to boost your energy levels and make feel less tired. Many research studies have shown that coffee improves so simply put, Coffee is your friend, especially on a lecture-packed day. This may not work for some people but it does for most. The caffeine keeps you bright-eyed and functional all day. Have it in moderation though, I find that too much makes me somewhat fidgety.

6. Police Your Friends
This works best because everyone is conscious of everyone else. I started by informing them that “We are not sleeping in class today or I’m taking your picture!”. It’s hilarious but it’s a subtle reminder to try to get the most out of the class. When my eyes are dimming, there’s fear of the embarrassing photo and a friend to nudge me.

7. Participate in the Discussion
Ask questions if you have the slightest doubt about something the lecturer has said and put up your hand when there’s a question to be. Say the first thing that comes to your mind as a proper response. You don’t need to be right. You are in school because you don’t know the answers anyway. If you knew it all, you won’t be in school so shoot. If you are wrong you’ll learn what’ right. Again, it’s the reason you came. participation will keep you engaged and when you are engaged it is harder to get distracted.

8. Listen and Record
Writing distracts me from the conversation because the lecturer isn’t going to wait for you to be done before moving on. Use the voice recorder on your phone. Record the lecture and listen to it when you study or during revision. It’s amazing.

Have I left anything out?
Got some study tips to share? Let me in the comment section below!
As always, thank you for reading!

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