How frequently do you blog?
We try to post no more than twice a week. Preferably Wednesdays and Saturdays. It takes time to proofread and edit texts and images. We try to prioritize quality over quantity.

Do you accept guest posts on your blog?
Yes, we do, and at the moment it’s free. We are happy to host fellow writers as long as the content is suitable for our audience and resonates with our overall theme. If you’d like to share an interesting article as a guest post, submit guest post here.

Are you associated with any other blogs?
Yes, we are. Our sister blog is Muse Origins which focuses on promoting African creativity. Be sure to check her out.

Do you accept advertising?
Yes, we do. We have a few spaces on our side bar  and footer for image ads.

Do you rent out advertising space on your blog?
Yes, we do as stated earlier. We also rent out shelf space in The Red Store at a flat rate per product. Rent tenure is a minimum of three (3) months and maximum of one year.

Do you accept Sponsored/Promotional Posts?
Yes, we do, with a few conditions. The product or service has to be acceptable for our audience and be related to our overall theme. Next, we get to edit it (grammar, sentence structure, punctuation). Finally, promotional posts will be discretely labelled as such. All for an agreed fee.

Do you write Sponsored Posts?
Yes, we do, depending on your requirement and budget. Variations include the length of the post, number of images or videos, promotion on social media which include Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Read more about sponsored posts here.

How much do you charge for sponsored posts, promotional posts, side bar ads or review fee?
It depends on the client’s budget and the amount of time required to get the work done. See more about fees here.

For more information, please fill the form below. We usually respond within 24 hours