Purple Bistro Lagos: Review

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Purple Bistro opened in a social media frenzy. Twitter buzzed with pictures and videos of the new restaurant and it immediately stirred up excitement in me.

The restaurant opened in Unilag and it just so happened, a day after it’s opening I was in school getting some things sorted so naturally  I decided to have some food.

Purple Bistro 1

My friend Amaka and I walked down to amphitheater right by Affordables and entered the restaurant.

Photo credit: Twitter/Purple Bistro

My first thoughts about Purple Bistro were a mixture of “wow I like the mural on the walls” and “wow, this place is much smaller in person.”

Amaka and I weren’t that worried about the size at first but then the absolute worst happened 😩.682B5B6A-03DC-43DA-ABFD-4D6CE80B1D53

The lights…

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