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Wandering in Wiltshire: Trowbridge Weavers Market

That is me blowing my diet again. It was the Trowbridge Weavers Market and it was absolutely worth it! Yesterday marked the first of a series of monthly artisan markets aptly named after the town’s history and weaving heritage. The event was set to celebrate local independent traders in Wiltshire and bring the Trowbridge community together.

Traditional Lemonade Stand in Trowbridge Weavers Market
Traditional Lemonade Stand in Trowbridge Weavers Market
Fresh Lemonade at Trowbridge Weavers Market
Fresh Lemonade at Trowbridge Weavers Market

As expected, Market Street was closed to vehicular traffic and seller stalls displaying unique handcrafted items were set up everywhere. Even the Town Hall had stalls!

To my utter pleasure, the event was open to all and entry was free. There was a live band serenading shoppers as they sat around enjoying street food, tasting drinks, or acquainting themselves with sellers and their exclusive products.

Food and Drink
On arrival, the unmistakable and tantalizing smell of food wafting through the streets was irresistible and we quickly decided to let our noses lead us through the market. There was a variety of food to choose from; Indian food, rice beans fried plantains, there was some minced meat, fries and a lot of stuff I didn’t get to try because the queues were daunting. There was Mac and Cheese, Crepes, Ice-cream, and pepper sauces.

Evie's Mac and Cheese at Trowbridge Weavers Market
Evie’s Mac and Cheese at Trowbridge Weavers Market
Evie's Mac and Cheese at Trowbridge Weavers Market
Evie’s Mac and Cheese at Trowbridge Weavers Market

Miranda’s Coffee Shop has the most delicious Chocolate Fudge I’ve ever had and I can’t wait to stop by!

Johnny’s Dairy-Free Ice-cream was perfect on such a warm summer day; icy, smooth, flavourful and sweet, not to mention we were taken by the black ice-cream cones. Absolutely love them!

The apple juice was super flavourful, there was lemonade and I believe I spotted some brew, but I’m not sure if it was beer or wine.

Oh! And there were eggs on sale too. Pictures are worth a thousand words so I’ll just let my pictures speak for themselves.


AL 13 Hand-crafted Jewellery in photo-printed aluminium
AL 13 Hand-crafted Jewellery in photo-printed aluminium

Imaginative Creative at Trowbridge Weavers Market
Imaginative Creative at Trowbridge Weavers Market: Finely Crafted and beautiful hand made jewellery

Scented Candles
I got a brief education from Flora & Wick on the difference between regular (paraffin wax) candles and 100% soy wax candles.

Soy wax is made from the oil of soybeans while paraffin is a by-product of petroleum. In a time where protecting the environment is a global concern, it is important to note that Soy wax is 100% biodegradable and doesn’t give off the black soot paraffin wax does. Finally, Soy wax releases fragrance easier and lasts longer than paraffin wax candles.

Vintage Items
Vintage Bazaar sells vintage textile, clothing, homewares and cloche hats. You can follow Clare’s blog here!


Overall, I think the turn-out was great and it brought the Trowbridge community out, showcased local talent and supported local businesses in an entertaining environment.

Unfortunately, I was unable to the Active Festival in Trowbridge Park which took place simultaneously. The Trowbridge Weavers Market will return on the second Saturday of each month (10am to 3pm) till winter;

  • August 10
  • September 14
  • October 12

So, save the dates for the rest of the year!

The organisers did a brilliant job and I get the feeling subsequent markets will be an even better opportunity to try home-made mouth-watering food and handcrafted items.

If you would like a stall at the next event, applications from independent traders of all kinds are welcome: Click here!

You can keep up to date with Trowbridge Weavers Market on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram!

Were you at the Trowbridge Weavers Market? Let me know your thoughts in the comments
As always, thank you for reading!

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