Wednesday, 20th September, 2014

Instruction: Answer any five (5) questions. All questions carry equal marks.

  1. Mention five (5) equitable maxims.Service Commission.
  2. Mention seven (7) Federal Executive Bodies in the Nigerian Constitution
  3. Explain in detail the meaning of a term “Invitation to treat”
  4. Explain the term Supremacy of 1999 Constitution
    1. Define the term “Contract”?
    2. How can an offer made by a party to a contract be terminated?
    1. Explain the concept “fair hearing”
    2. Mention five (5) fundamental Human Rights enshrined in the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria
    1. What type of government does Nigeria operate?
    2. Discuss the kind of government in detail
  5. State the composition of the Senate and House of Representatives.

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