Food Review: Blu Cabana Restaurant, Abuja

It’s been a while since I took you some place new to eat, so after reading all the hype review on Trip Advisor, I decided we’d check out Blu Cabana Restaurant!Blu Cabana Menu Booklet

Right off the bat, I noticed that this establishment is clean and well organised. I like how the parking lot is fairly spacious, tarred (not tiled), and close enough to the main building. So on heels, it wasn’t too much to walk from the car to the entrance. There’s also an ATM machine right there in the parking lot, which is super convenient.

As I walked in, I couldn’t help but notice that 80% of the customers there were white. It’s easy to feel like you’ve just walked in to a province in Cape Town. I immediately felt like a minority. The staff are primarily Nigerians and they were polite and attentive regardless of race. I felt like I was treated as well as everyone else, unlike my experience at Salamader Restaurant.

Blu Cabana has got the best ambiance. The interior sitting area was spacious and sparsely decorated. I’ll admit it felt quite bare. They had nice soft music and during my time there, not one Naija jam played. (I mean, Olamide’s Wo! is a lot, but Asa makes great soft music too, no? But, Cee lo Green?) The outdoor sitting area with plants around the large blue pool was picturesque. I couldn’t get pictures because there were too many people around and I didn’t want to look creepy.

The menu booklet was neat, not at all suffered like Metro Cafe. It was also quite detailed, with so much to chose from, it was difficult to decide on what to have. We settled for Japanese Meat, Pineapple Juice, Virgin Mojito, Chocolate fondant, Spicy Seafood Pasta so I could compare it with Metro Cafe’s.

The Virgin Mojito was great, quite certainly the best I’ve ever had. My last mojito was at Bay Lounge Lagos and it wasn’t all that. This was on the rocks, super flavorful and rich with taste of the mint leaves. As you can see, the presentation was perfect. Only downside for me was, pretty soon I was sucking up leaves in my straw. This drink became Efo-riro real quick and I don’t know if that’s the standard.

For starters we order Fried Meat Sambousek, these little pie things that were a lot like local samosa. It tasted like the crust had cinnamon in it which was an interesting twist I enjoyed.

The food was timely and presentation was okay, nothing remarkable to be honest. I have to say that I was not impressed with the Spicy Seafood Pasta. It was well cooked but certainly not spicy. I’ll assume the chef tries to cater to the tender taste buds of the large number of foreign customers. As a Nigerian, when you say spicy, I expect to really taste the spice. I didn’t. I had to salt the whole plate twice. But you don’t give up on food that costs that much, so I struggled through it wondering how much pepper N5000 would buy .

The pineapple just was what it was, pineapple blended and served. It was extra pulpy and could use a little sweetener. If they sieved some of the pulp off, the drink would have been more enjoyable overall.

The Chocolate Fondant was the high point of the entire meal. I’m a dessert girl and anything with ice-cream is welcome. Chocolate fondant often has liquid chocolate that oozes out when you cut in it. This one was thick and sticky but I didn’t mind. Chocolate is chocolate and ice-cream “perfecteth” everything.

You know when you bill comes and you have to clutch your pearls a little? That only happens if you didn’t enjoy the experience. The waiter asked me if I enjoyed my food and I lied. He had been so nice, I couldn’t tell him “No”. If businesses really want feedback, it is important to provide anonymity, perhaps by using little table questionnaires.

Bad and bougee…till the bill shows up

As always, I visited the rest room and this one was quite nice! Wood paneled stalls, clean floors, tissue paper, running water, hand dryer and most importantly large mirror. My only grievance was the girl sitting in the restroom. My guess is, she was responsible for keeping the stalls clean. However, I just wasn’t okay with someone stationed in there. Like, she has to listen to us fart and then inhale whatever mess we came to deposit. That was uncomfortable for me and I imagine  even more so for her!

In conclusion, this place isn’t ideal for your local friends to hang out at or eat. The view is great and exceptional at night, but the food is overpriced in my opinion and just does not meet our spicing standards. However, if you have foreign business associates you’d like to impress or white friends looking to dine in a comfortable safe setting, Blu Cabana is definitely the place to go. They would probably feel right at home.

Have you eaten at Blu Cabana Restaurant? Let me know what you think in the comments!
As always, thank you for reading!

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10 responses to “Food Review: Blu Cabana Restaurant, Abuja”

  1. planning on going there today with friends, was just checking online for reviews so i can plan my budget. your blog is amazing thanks

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  2. This is such a great post and review. I really don’t like it when someone stays permanently in the toilet too. I can never get the logic behind it. The dessert looks super yummy 😋

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