My First Time in Cape Town


I had the best time in Cape Town and I’m sorry it’s taken this long to tell you about it.

Cape Town is such a beautiful city. It is on South Africa’s southwest coast, at the foot of the magnificent Table Mountain. This city is blessed with so many beaches for both the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean, and other really breath-taking natural wonders.

It is really cold in Cape town with temperatures as low as 8°C. I had to wear a jacket everywhere, and at night, I was extra thankful for my mom’s hot-water bottle.

Another noteworthy difference was time and sunset. South African time is one hour ahead of ours. I couldn’t get use to how quickly the sun set. By 6pm, it was already deep dark, like night-time.

Next, the people. Despite the dark history of racial segregation between Blacks, Whites and Coloureds, South-Africans are really friendly people in my opinion.

I had the best experiences with South African women, many of which are married to Nigerian men. The have a lot of love for our men, expeciallly Igbo and Yoruba men, describing them as “energetic😈” and romantic🌹.

I had a hard time memorizing and pronouncing South-African names. They are surprisingly long with a lot of consonant clusters like our Bini names. Nevertheless, I made friends with the hotel house-keeping on my floor and her name was “Nomthandazo” which means “mother of prayer”. She left me extra cookies and water after we fixed up my room together.

I have to say that I found South-African women to be quite fashionable. I love how they get to wear calf-high boots around and even to work. It’s so chic.

Now, I can’t talk honestly about South-African women and not talk about the “physical endowment” they carry around. Nicki Minaj has nothing on the average South-African woman. I don’t know how to describe how suddenly their derriere “happens”. Even the slim ladies have thick legs and fat bums. In my opinion, 90% of the female population have the hourglass figure and it’s all natural. #HeavyDuty

Next, Cape Town is a really clean city with a lot of trees. The roads are very good, comparable and even better than those in Abuja, with fewer or no beggars at the traffic lights.

I’ll admit that it was weird to see white beggars in real life, most of which we are told are often junkies.

There’s light, constant light, water and good roads everywhere even in the shanties where the houses are mostly shipping containers or haphazard zinc sheets nailed together.

There are also a lot of great shopping malls in Cape Town, hosting a myriad of international food, fashion and cosmetic brands. Sadly, I didn’t do any shopping because: Exchange rates😢.

Finally, I have no experiences with regards to nightlife in Cape Town, not just because my stay was short but I was too tired from sightseeing to go anywhere else once I got back to my room.

Visiting Cape Town was worthwhile. I was able to visit a few tourist attractions and I’ll list them in my subsequent post.

As always, thank you for reading.


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