Review: Metro Cafè and Grill, Wuse 2 – Abuja

Gosh, it’s been a while since we’ve been out to eat and I’m excited to tell you about Metro Cafe and Grill, Wuse 2. It’s a restaurant and bar side by side, located on Liberville Cresent, off Aminu Kano Cresent in Wuse 2. It’s really easy to locate with Google Maps.

My first visit was in October when I had the most delicious seafood pasta ever. It was so rich with fish and shrimps, I decided a review was in order. This time the occasion was my class reunion. Metro Cafe is a cosy restaurant with minimalist furnishing that will comfortably sit about 35 guests. I like the simplistic decor with neat wooden dining chairs and its white delicate chandelier.

They have got this large glass display window between the kitchen and the sitting area, so the moment you walk in you can see all the activity in the kitchen. You can watch your food being prepared and it’s more entertaining than you’d imagine!

Now, the menu card was quite suffered and could certainly use a change. However, it’s list was legible, offering a significant variety of starters, soups, meats, rice, noodles, seafood platers and desserts all at decent prices. By decent I mean, N6,000 can feed 2 people (not including drinks).

Service was quite timely despite being a busy weekend. I was carried away chatting, I forgot to check my watch for accuracy. Regardless, the food arrived before we got ravenous. The spring rolls were divine but I can’t say the same for the samosa. Stick with the spring-rolls guys.

I just love how this stew, soup, sauce, I don’t know comes to the table sizzling and I had to make a video just so you guys can really get the essence of it. It’s very short and won’t finish your data so watch it.

The food was fresh and delicious, and in good quantity for the price. For your money’s worth, I can guaranty you will leave with a full stomach. Hell, you might have to bag some as take-away. Their grilled fish lasted me 3 days. It was massive for the N5,000. These images speak for themselves.

The fruit drinks were okay. However, I failed to clarify if it was freshly pressed juice or store-bought.

The staff were friendly and helpful, especially when I requested the lights be turned on so I could get better pictures. Quiet and observant, they briskly cleared off our empty plates to make room for more food.

We didn’t get any complimentary starter unlike 355 Steakhouse and Lounge. However, both restaurant cater to a very diverse class of people. Unlike 355 Steakhouse and Lounge that’s uppity, covert and attracting the older more accomplished locales and expatriates, Metro Cafe is more middle class and youthful. The crowd here is young, boisterous and chatty, and it almost felt too noisy for me. You are likely to meet young groups chatting and laughing loudly.

Finally, my favourite part of this establishment has to be the restroom. Despite having just one stall each for women and men, it was very clean, with hand-wash, running water and toilet paper. To crown it, it has a spacious lobby with parallel full length (roof to floor) mirrors that made me look quite skinny. I spent more time than usual there just taking selfies.

Summarily, if you are in search of a nice place to meet up with friends, hang out with a casual group, or enjoy a nice meal alone people-watching, I recommend this place. There’s a bar section of the cafe which I believe sells alcohol, allows smoking and shows football. So, it’s great for guys too. Because of the noise and clattering, I don’t think it’s a great place for a romantic date, but then your taste may differ.

Oh, before I forget, parking space is a challenge here, especially weekend nights. Both times, I had to park way off and walk back to the establishment. So, be prepared and be patient. Trust me when I say the food will make it all worth it.

If you are in Abuja and love Metro Cafe and Grill like I do, please make some noise in the comment section below. If you haven’t been there, what are you waiting for?



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  1. Debs says: have been missing!!! i definitely need to visit this place as a good lover of food.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Red says:

      You won’t be disappointed!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oluchi says:

    I don’t know how I feel about the display of the kitchen! watching the food as they’re being cooked. Wow wow haven’t seen that around Lagos

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Red says:

      It was surprisingly fun waiting for the fire to catch in the pan😆. It took some time to get that shot. Everyone was like “look! look! look! Quick! Camera! Did you get that?”.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Red says:

      Thanks for reading love!💋


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