Review: Downtown Chicken Shawarma

I know I said I had done my last Abuja Shawarma review for this year but I keep getting interesting recommendations, and well I like food.

Downtown Restaurant is a cosy clean place. Located on Gana Street, Maitama, it’s popular and easy to find using Google Maps (if you don’t already use it, I really can’t help you.)

Downtown, the self-proclaimed Home of Shawarma has got quite a variety of listed on the menu. These include:

    • Beef Shawarma
    • Chicken Shawarma
    • Fish Shawarma
    • Suya Shawarma
    • Special Shawarma
    • Mexican Shawarma
    • Spanish Shawarma
    • Steak Shawarma
    • Veg Shawarma

along with a few tongue-twisters I can’t readily spell or pronounce. Each costing between N1,200 to N1500

For ease of comparison, I settled for a Chicken Shawarma (and some pineapple juice just because). Presentation was bland, nothing note-worthy, just the expected white A4 paper wrapped around my shawarma. Like my previous review on Dunes Bar and Grill Chicken Shawarma, I wasn’t privi to the preparation process so I cant say much with respect to hygiene.

I was very happy with how quickly my order was served, heaven knows I was starving. The size was a regular medium, and at N1,200. I think its a bargain. It was tasty and moist, with mayonnaise and all the expected fillings. Nothing in the booklet tells you what you are getting. I had to ask the waitress if sausages and cheese were included or at least available.

Pineapple Juice is nice but over priced at N1000. That glass should cost no more than N500 in my humble opinion.

Summarily, I think Downtown Chicken Shawarma is good and if you are on a budget and you live and work in Maitama area, it is a decent place for to grab a quick lunch. The service is timely and indoor sitting area is tastefully furnished, well air-conditioned and can sit roughly 16- 20 customers. I certainly recommend this place.

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