Review: Shoprite Doughnuts

No review is complete without a baseline, so short of the road-side doughnut, Shoprite doughnuts sets that minimum standard.

Shoprite, Africa’s biggest food retailer, officially opened its first Nigerian supermarket in December 2005, in Lagos. Seven years later, they did same in Abuja, our Federal Capital. Their mission: “to bring you low prices on the best grocery and household products, convenient services and much more” and they do try.

Among other confections, Shoprite Confectionery stocks a small variety of doughnuts

First up, packaging. This has no fancy ribbon or personal note attached. Shoprite uses a topless box wrapped in Cling Film. Talk about a seriously low cost strategy.

As promised, Shoprite Doughnut prices is the lowest of all the doughnuts I’ve had and its not hard to see why. The Coconut Doughnut of N149 looks pale next to Kreamy Kravings Coconut Doughnut.

These doughnuts are quite basic in terms of flavour, nothing but flour and sugar. In addition, they are so oily, there is little difference between these doughnuts and ordinary puff-puff. These doughnuts also appear to have been hurriedly made.
However, despite their less than perfect shape, they are of good size. They have a fair amount of glazing and a decent amount of jam in the Jam doughnuts.

Shoprite does not deliver; however, they have three branches in Abuja and are open from 9am to 9pm every day.

Honestly, the only time I will recommend these doughnuts are if you are desperately hungry, low on cash and near a Shoprite store, or throwing a low budget gathering. These will suffice.

If you’ve had a Shoprite Doughnut, tell me about it in the comment section below and please share this article. If you haven’t you haven’t missed much.

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  1. Courtney says:

    This is so interesting to me. I live in what is often referred to as the bagel belt (a little out of NYC in the USA). There are tons of bakeries near us. Shop Rite doughnuts are some of the best I’ve ever had. They’re so soft, good even days after, and the Bavarian cream is one of the best doughnuts around. I wonder if it’s the water. If I travel 60 minutes away from where I am, bagels and doughnuts suck and are no longer amazing, but that goes for bagels, pizza, and doughnuts alike.

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