Review: Kreamy Kravings Doughnuts

How was your weekend?  I spent mine at home as usual, craving doughnuts. Toying with the idea of satisfying this craving, it dawned on me that I didn’t know a single doughnut shop in Abuja or anywhere I could place an order.

Unlike Pizza, strong international doughnut brands like Krispy Kreme and Dunkin’ Donuts are not in Nigeria, so I went in search of local brands.

Despite being on a diet for that illusive summer body, I will be eating and reviewing a number of doughnuts in the coming weeks.

First up: Kreamy Kravings by Tin-tin
You can’t deny the similarity between this brand name and the Krispy Kreme Franchise. But that’s as far as it goes.

I really liked the packaging, the cute red ribbon and particularly the card that read With Love from….. The doughnuts suddenly felt personal and special.

Unlike regular doughnuts, which are often soft and fluffy, I found these to be firmer, much like a muffin and very satisfying. I really enjoyed the taste of the roll. What was it? Cinnamon? Nut Meg? I’m not sure but it was flavourful.

These doughnuts come topped with interesting glazes which include: Nutella, Milk Chocolate, Cookies and Cream and my personal favourite; Coconut.

The average price of 1 doughnut comes to about N333 varying with respect to the number of doughnuts per order; a box of 6, 12 or more. Delivery  within Abuja costs N500.

If you are hungry, nursing a craving or perhaps hosting a Christmas party, try these. I found the people there to be warm and friendly, and delivery was punctual and quite patient.

If you’ve had a Kreamy Kravings Doughnut please share your experience below and a hate this article. If you haven’t…**sigh**…live a little. They’ve got a Christmas Promo going on.

Try some.


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