Review: Coco Ribbon Doughnuts

Sequel to my previous reviews, and in my quest for the best doughnut in Abuja, let me present: Coco Ribbon Doughnuts!

Located in Wuse 2, Coco Ribbon Doughnuts are high-end and quite frankly, the most expensive doughnuts I’ve had in my life, costing twice the price of the others.

I am enamoured by this pink box they come in and its discreet logo. I find it chic and exclusive, you’d never guess doughnuts lay in there. However, there’s no Thank you note.

Actually, there’s nothing humble about these calorie-ladened beauties. Soft, perfectly rounded and coated with a lot of sugar, these doughnuts look blinged out and decadent, and certain to ruin your diet. But it’s Christmas and we don’t care!

Be warned: You can’t stop after just one, and you have to lick your fingers occasionally because of all that sugar sticking to them. It smart not to eat these on your laptop. You need a saucer or you’ll have to deal with sugar crystals everywhere.

As you’ve noticed, these baddies have no holes in them. Yes, you are getting all of it, nothing cut out. To crown it, they’ve put different flavourful cream or jam fillings in them. Absolutely sumptuous.

All 3 elements, the sugar, the bun and the filling work together perfectly, like NSYNC in 2000 or One Direction if you like. These doughnuts are a back to back hit.

However, they don’t come cheap. A box of 6 cost N4000 (excluding Delivery) averaging N666.66 for just one doughnut. Coco Ribbons charges N1000 for delivery which, in my opinion is unreasonable, particularly within Abuja Metropolis.

Lamentably, in this box of 6, I got one empty bun. I mean just a sugar-dusted bun! No one is happy with a sugar-dusted doughnut with absolutely no filling inside at the price of N666. I don’t know if this was in error, and I haven’t called to find out. I feel like you shouldn’t make this kind of mistake when you charge this amount of money.

Overall, if you’d like to spoil yourself till you break your scale, or perhaps have guests you want to impress, or an in-house date, these donuts look the part and taste perfect. They will live up to everyone’s expectations and are sure to delight.

If you’ve had a Coco Ribbon Doughnut tell me about it in the comment section below and remember share this article. If you haven’t, follow Coco Ribbons on Instagram. They have great promos from time to time.

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  1. I think the actual address should have been included. For those who want to go try it out.. Saying its at wuse II is too vague..

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