Ten Favourite Things to do in London

I had so many interesting experiences in London in the Summer of 2015. Even though I was working, it was pretty flexible so thankfully I could explore. Plus, the weather was better than I had hoped, it being one of the hottest Summers in about 10 years. So here goes my 10 favourite things I did London! Here goes:


Chilling in the Garden: Here in Nigeria, there are few gardens where you can go to and just lounge under the sun (our sun is way too hot for lounging under), and look at pretty flowers (why don’t we ever have pretty flowers up in here?!). But once it’s sunny, Londoners come out in droves and lounge in gardens like they’re on the beach. Awesome drama to look at sometimes (read people smooching hehe) too!


Shoreditch: Oh wow! You can’t go to London and not spend at least a day in Shoreditch. The street art is amazing – eye candy everywhere! There are lots of good street food to choose from too, and I believe that’s one street in the UK where you can literally talk to anyone right on the street without looking like a creep. Also, unexpected things happen in the area cause it’s so artsy and full of crazy people – e.g. just strolling by, I was ‘accosted’, interviewed and photographed for Match.com. So cool! You see all sorts of fashion and self expression on the streets too. Again, so cool!

The Theatre

The Theatre: Oh wow wow! This was perhaps one of my most favourite things I did in London – go to the theatre and ballet. I watch Billy Elliot, The Lion King, and Swan Lake. They were all different experiences and I loved each one. I can’t imagine how hard those performers work – two performances every day, and singing + acting + dancing, just being amazing and making it look effortless. And the set designs! oh boy! Don’t miss the theatre when you’re in London!

Great Food

Just Chilling with Friends: Slow days are good too, especially if you have friends living nearby. Even if you don’t, it’s pretty easy to get around. One of my favourite things was having lunch with friends; just cooking (well, they cook and I cheer them on), eating together, talking, and/or watching a movie.

Night Life

Night Life: Oh yes, I’m not so dour that this won’t come on the list. There’s nothing you won’t find in London. How about when we entered a gay bar in Soho (honestly not sure how and why we went in there, but the outcome was hilarious!), or when we went to a cabaret show (my first and it was on point!), and just bar hopping around Old Street and dancing to good music.

Columbia Flower Market

Columbia Flower Market: I always thought liking flowers was stupid until somehow I didn’t. I actually used my money to buy flowers that would last only a week, but I didn’t mind at all! Columbia flower market in particular is awesome – smells good and looks good, although it gets really crowded. It’s like a weekly affair for lots of people, and for good reason too.

Carnivals and Festivals

Carnivals and Festivals: There are so many cultures in London, and cause of that, there are so many carnivals and festivals! I only went to the South American Notting Hill Festival and a Vietnamese festival. But I could have gone to a lot more if I wasn’t so lazy. You’re bound to experience so many cultures in London; it truly is a cosmopolitan city!


Brighton is just round the corner: I actually liked Brighton more than I liked London; there’s this chill that it has. The colours on a lot of buildings are pretty (awesome for photos), lots of local and original stores, cheap buffet lunches everywhere…and there’s of course the beach! Just with that alone and I’m sold.


Museums: If you like art like I do, you will never ever get tired of London for all the museums that city has got. For many of them, you’ve got to go several times to see the whole thing. And then add to that the exhibitions. Eye candy indeed!

Cafe Culture

Cafe Culture: This is one thing I really miss about London – the cafe culture. Coffee and pastry are cheap, and you can go sit in a cafe alone with a book or your laptop, or with friends, and nurse a cup of coffee (or hot chocolate in my case) and some pastries, and spend the whole day there. It totally helps that most of the shops are lovely to look at.

So that’s it for me…my top 10! What are your favourite things to do in London?


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