Review: Chloe’s Cupcake Heaven, Wuse 2

After enjoying some really delicious Chloe’s cookies from a friend, I decided to check out this store and place an order. The store was so beautiful; I immediately knew I had to write a review on it. To save me from rambling, I’ve made a list of the things I liked about this place, based on my experience there.

  • Great Location
    First, I liked that this cosy little nook is easy to locate. It’s on Adetokunbo Ademola Cresent, one of the most popular roads in Abuja to the best of my knowledge. You can’t miss it, especially if you use Google Maps. I love Google Maps.
  • Simple Decor and Furnishing
    The interior of this store is so clean! Not a speck of dust in sight! The large clear glass windows let in a lot of natural light that amplifies its serene ambiance. I found the interior sitting area a bit tightly packed. However, there’s a small outdoor sitting area beside the store; two large umbrellas with four seats each, on the artificial lawn fenced in by a low hedge of flowers.
  • Friendly Staff
    This place appeared to be well staffed, all in matching uniforms with their hair packed in hair nets, hinting at respectable hygiene standards. The ladies were friendly and patient with taking my order and answering all my questions. She even went the extra mile to show me a few cake designs on her phone.
  • Good variety
    There were so many different cupcake flavours to choose from; White Chocolate Raspberry, Malty Maltesers, King of Pop, Southern Red Velvet, the list seems endless. Same with the ice-cream collection, but I didn’t have any ice-cream so I can’t talk in any detail about them. My favourite cupcake has to be the King of Pop
  • Paying via P.O.S machine is available
    This is a huge plus because, contrary to popular opinion, P.O.S machine payment hasn’t been the standard in Abuja. In early 2015, most big malls like Sahad and Grand Square had only one! However, this year, I’ve noticed significant improvement and I am able to use my card in more places.
  • Pricing
    A 12 inch Velvet cake costs thirteen thousand naira. Compared to other cake stores, this is quite high. But hey, they’ve got this cute sign on the wall stating that current exchange rates are to blame.


  • Go with Cash
    On that day, the P.O.S machine didn’t work – Card Declined. Network issues I assume. This happens often with P.O.S machines and it’s no fault of the business. However, most shops have at least two devices in case one doesn’t work, Chloe’s appeared to have only one. Fortunately, there’s a Heritage Bank branch with ATMs right next door.
  • No fondant cake: I found this strange. Almost every cake house specializes in Fondant Cakes and boast a variety of designs. Not this one. It only does Butter Icing.
  • Go with your Cake Design This was my biggest let down – No Visual Aid. Most stores I’ve been to have a photo catalogue, hard copy book or a digital one on an iPad or something in-store where you can see a variety of cake designs to choose from, and have a clear idea of what the product would look like.This made ordering the 30th birthday cake I wanted really time-consuming, forcing me to get creative and come up with a design on the spot. The attendant suggested I check out their Instagram page but I feel like, while I’m in a store, I shouldn’t have to get on the ‘gram to see what they can do for me or what value this business provides.

Summarily, it’s a lovely place with great ambiance, and I think it will be adequate for a short date. The cupcakes and cookies are divine and I will definitely be back for more.

However, the birthday cake I got turned out to be a complete visual disappointment. You see, it was my bff’s 30th Birthday Surprise Party, so I was really excited to pick up my order (3 days later). So I can’t really express how let-down I felt when I saw the cake. I was so appalled that for the first few seconds I couldn’t even speak, then, I just wanted to cry. I demanded that they fix it but was told it would take at least another 30 minutes, after having waited some 25 minutes for the cake to come out. So I took it and left. this cake had the ugliest 3 ever and my sister and cousins made fun of it all the way home. One even said it looked like the 💩 Pile of Poo emoji.

This brings me back to the fact that an in-house catalogue is necessary to be sure that people will like what they pay for. The taste and texture was prefect but the design left so much to be desired.

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  1. So how are we going to lose the weight this year if you’re gonna keep encouraging this eh? #chunkytenderproblems


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