Product Review: Incite Elite Swimming Goggles

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟 (4/5)
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This review is a tough one to write because my arms hurt and I’m exhausted. My sister and I have been learning to swim at the Grand Nippon Hotel pool, and doing this for 6 hours every Saturday and Sunday is taking its toll.

Swimming is fun but having the right equipment makes it so much better. Personally, swimming goggles are mandatory because the chlorine in the water hurts and reddens my eyes. So, I visited Area 1 Shopping Center, Garki and got an average pair for N900. Now, I don’t know if these were Aba or China made, but they left a lot to be desired in terms of comfort and visibility, forcing me to search for something better.

My cousin got me these goggles by Incite Elite on Amazon and my other cousin brought them home to Abuja. Yes, one long informal logistical chain right? Anyway, I was so excited to try them out I could not wait to get in the nearest pool.

Attractive Packaging
This product comes in a sleek black crescent-shaped case with a zipper. On the top of the case, Incite Elite is embossed in a small rectangle. The case also has a hook attached to it. I haven’t figured out what that is for, but I reckon you could use it to hang the case on something.

Swimming Goggles
Incite Elite Swimming Goggles

Sleek Design
These goggles make me look like Michael Phelps. The shape of the lens and the reflective surface make me look like I can swim better than I actually can! Suddenly I feel pressure to live up to this new image.

Super Anti-Fog
Well, they weren’t lying. You know how other goggles fog up after wearing them in the water for a while? My old googles would fog up at least every 45 mins, so I have to take them off and rinse them in the water. Not these ones, I’m not sure about the mechanism behind this miracle but these ones just don’t fog up. Wore them for 5 hours straight and not once did I need to rinse them out.

Soft Suction
These Incite Elite goggles have wide, flat and soft edges that press gently around your eyes to create really good suction. Unlike other googles, these edges don’t feel painful even after prolonged use.

Wide Field of Vision
Compared to my old goggles, my vision is clearer with more peripheral vision outside the water. I don’t have to turn my head so much to see everything.

Back-Head Clip
I prefer to wear my hair in a bun when I swim, so a major concern with my old goggles was getting the strap over my bun. The Back-Head clips on the Incite Elite Swimming Goggles makes the process of wearing and taking them off very convenient.

Goggles clip
Back-head Clip

Adjustable straps
These straps have a clip-on design that secure the strap so that they don’t come undone after extended use. They are also ribbed for better grip with wet fingers and really easy to adjust.

Adjustable Straps

Useful Add-ons
These goggles came with a nose clip and two pairs of ear plugs of different designs. Apparently, the manufacturer couldn’t decide which we- the customers would prefer so he let us have both to choose for ourselves. I don’t need nose clips yet and I’m not doing much diving so I can’t say which earplugs I prefer. But it’s nice to have them anyway.

Nose clip and ear plugs

Blurry Vision Underwater
I’d love to rate this product a 5/5 but I must admit that underwater visibility is really poor, everything looks blurred! The water doesn’t look clear while under and objects are difficult to really see. It took a lot of getting used to and made me feel dizzy occasionally.

No International Shipping
Another let down is the lack of international shipping. I was hoping to get a second pair of goggles but that has proved difficult because Amazon does not offer international shipping on this product, and I have no cousins travelling abroad at the moment. Encouraged by manufacturer’s very friendly message encouraging user’s to contact him via his personal email if they had any issues, I decided to send an email to the him, hoping to find a way around this shipping issue. To my disappointment and got a crisp formal response saying:

Unfortunately at this current time we do not ship to Nigeria.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
Healthy Regards,
Sarah Jones

Since my purpose right now is primarily to keep water out of my eyes, I’d say it does an excellent job. Perhaps, as I become a better swimmer, I may need to find a brand with better underwater visibility.

I’m considering getting another pair through Mall for Africa but I haven’t figured out how that works. When I do, I’ll be sure to let you know about it.

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