Saturday Out Grocery Shopping

You know how you look at someone you absolutely love and see all the good things you want to do to them? Yeah, just looking at these tomatoes I had that Halo moment. I could see future, bright with a salad and three different kinds of stew!

Saturday is market/grocery shopping day (if I can’t find the time during the week. Markets are far less crowded on weekdays) and everything looks fresh and beautiful today.

As I expected, a camera is a bit out of place in our local market. I got a few side glances and surprising questions like “are you a journalist?”. Mostly, sellers were helpful and interested if I was buying their produce. Others want payment for taking pictures. I think they’ve got the notion that all pictures are worth something. However, they aren’t clear on how to value it.

This mallam suggested I pay N5k for a picture of his hens, which I hadn’t been interested in. Shutterstock pays me $0.25 per download, multiplied by current exchange rates, that’s N91.25 exclusive of tax. At N5000, the image of his hens in a filthy pen would have to be downloaded 55 times for me to recover that expense. I had to laugh. I told the mallam not to worry, I didn’t want a picture of his tired birds anyway.

Learning photography for this blog has made me appreciate the beauty of ordinary things. Everything is beautiful, it’s really a question of lighting, angles and your perspective.

This post is only to share the beauty I saw this morning. You’ll find the large versions on my Shutterstock account. Enjoy.

8 responses to “Saturday Out Grocery Shopping”

  1. Is it picture quality or are all the goods really this fresh looking? If I had seen tomatoes like those, omg I’ll definitely be looking for curry “leaves” to add to the stew those tomatoes would make. I have to find the leaves!

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