Weightloss Update: Ketogenic Diet vs Waterfasting

I quit the Ketogenic Diet after Day 30. It’s just not a sustainable lifestyle for me and some of those recipes like cabbage moi-moi and other adapted recipes are not nice.

I quit and ate whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted all through last week. And I had a lot of muffins from Ice-cream Factory, Lagos. (I can’t for them to open a store in Abuja.) Their muffins are best!

I was afraid of my scale however, I gained just 1kg back which I have already lost on my 2nd day of this Water fast.

Ketogenic Lifestyle is great (I lost 4.9kg (11lbs) after 30 days) but it takes too long for too little results in my experience. Worse, I can’t not eat any carbs for the rest of my life, so it’s not a “sustainable lifestyle” for me.

Water fasting or the Master Cleanse Diet give me better results in shorter time. And the added benefits of full body cleansing is priceless. My skin starts to glow, acne and old scares disappear. The benefits are numerous really.

The idea behind Ketogenic Diet, Water fasting and the Master Cleanse Diet is to stay in “nutritional ketosis”, burning fat and running on ketones

The Ketogenic Diet achieves that, however it is so much slower, primarily because you are still consuming calories from foods even though they aren’t carbs. Your digestive system is still working.

On the Water fast or Master Cleanse you consume almost zero calories. Your digestive system shuts down completely and your body begins the process of cleansing. In addition, the weight loss results are visible much faster.

I’ve tried all 3 diets for a reasonable amount of time but this is just my opinion.

The Water fast is harder to get into because most people are scared they will die of the skip food for a day. But after day 4, it feels the same as the ketgenic diet. Your body enters full ketosis and the hunger pangs vanish. All you have to do is stay hydrated. But, ultimately, all diets require willpower and and self-discipline.

Finally, my besties wedding is around the corner and so is birthday. I have 4 inches to lose around my waist and Ketogenic Diet isn’t going to get me to there in 6 weeks.

So I’ve reverted to my old reliable Water fast. When I get bored with just water I’ll switch to the Master Cleanse recipe.

So that’s it. The goal is 14 days, but If I do start to feel True Hunger before then, I’ll have some meat or eggs just to be sure I stay in ketosis regardless. Its not a do or die affair.

Let me know how you are doing on my your weightless plan!
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2 responses to “Weightloss Update: Ketogenic Diet vs Waterfasting”

  1. I love reading ur post, u always have something interesting to say. I really don’t follow any specific patterns to loose weight but I just loose the weight when I m ready. I recently have lost about 5kg, by just cutting down on food, less of fat, drinking up to 4liters of water in a day, not eating in between meals n not indulging in late night eating, reducing of carbohydrates food. Eating more of vegetable, drinking a lot of natural drinks made at home. Cutting down sugaring stuff. The weight just melt away.

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