South African Visa Requirements for Nigeria (2017 Update)

South African Visa Requirements for Nigeria (2017 Update)

Sequel to my previous post on South African Visa requirements, this post is an update for 2017 requirements.

All the application requirements with regards to documents remain the same as those required in 2016. On this note I strongly recommend you view my previous post.

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Regular Visa processing now takes to 10 working days, and costs N31,000.
Express or Priority Visa
processing is no longer available so be sure to submit your application as soon as possible.

**Keep in mind that this information is valid as at April 2017 and subject to changes**.

I hope this post has been helpful and it it is, please remember to share. Also check out my post on visa application tips.
Good-luck and enjoy your stay in South Africa!

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22 thoughts on “South African Visa Requirements for Nigeria (2017 Update)

  1. Have applied since on the 5th of march to go for holiday with my kids 0n the 25th ,and the visa is not out up till nw ,PS what do I do

  2. Please l need to know the requirements or doucument to get visa to South Africa, am receiving an invitation, and please let me know the total cost please

  3. Pls how much is the tourist Vida fee for a family of four, 2adults,1 childern and 1 infant. Pls and are there discount for family?

    1. Hello Duke and thank you for reading.
      You are not alone. This delayed response has become a common problem in the past few months. I recommend that be patient a little longer or seek clarification at the center where you submitted your application. Good luck

    1. I’ll be honest and say I don’t know. The time period is rather short but you never know. My advice is : submit your application regardless. It might come through.

  4. 7-10 working days you said, but mine is taken up to a month now. Still waiting for d visa. I submitted on the 22nd of march for study permit. What is happening pls. Thanks

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