South African Visa Requirements for Nigeria (2016 Update)

If you have a reason to go to South Africa from Nigeria, perhaps for business or pleasure; it is helpful to keep in mind that the requirements for a South African visa change often. Worse, these requirements are slightly different from those stated on the VFS  Global Checklist. This difference cost me a lot of time and energy, and more painfully, a lot of money.

So, this post is to better prepare you for your visa submission at the VFS Office.

Visa Requirements

  • 3 colored copies of your passport data page
  • 3 identical white background photo passports showing your complete face (45mmx45mm)
  • A valid International Passport (Note that at 6 months to your Nigerian passport expiry date, it is considered expired)
  • Application Form (BI84) fully completed in black ink only (Click to download Visa form)
  • Self-introduction letter with physical address and phone number.
  • Photocopy of your Yellow card (international vaccination card), (Front & Back Cover, Signed front page and vaccine pages)
  • Introduction/Recommendation letter from an Employer (if applicable)
  • Verifiable hotel reservation/bookings  (If your host will be accommodating you, your invitation letter must state that)
  • Proof of financial status (6 months recent bank statement or financial support letter from employer with 6 months bank statement in a case where the Employer is sponsoring the trip)
  • If you are travelling on official business, include a Letter of Invitation/Confirmation of Training/Conference, etc. from a South African Company with full details of the company’s authorised representative; physical address and phone numbers
  • Birth Certificate for children travelling with parents. (Where applicable, a consent letter with copies of parents’ identification card/passport data page, which should be attached to the application.)
  • Marriage Certificate where applicable and if the intended stay will be for more than 90 days
  • Flight Booking

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Important Note
There is provision to make photocopies within the VFS office at N30 per page.
Regular visa processing takes 10 to 15 working days, and costs N21,980.  Express or Priority visa processing takes 3 to 5 working days and costs an additional N35,000, totalling N55,980.

**Keep in mind that this information is valid as at May 2016 and subject to changes**


  • Always take extra photocopies of all visa documents including photo passports
  • Remember to go with your own black pen.

I hope this post has been helpful. If it is, please remember to share. Also check out my post on visa application tips and for 2017 update on this post, please click this link: South African Visa Requirements for Nigeria (2017 Update).Good-luck and enjoy your stay in South Africa!

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8 responses to “South African Visa Requirements for Nigeria (2016 Update)”

      • hello, i need to process a visa for government sponsored conference and scientific exhibition starting this 23/05/2018 in Johannesburg and i can only appear at the VFS by wednesday morning.. Also my chief executive officer cannot send a bank statement of the lagos state college of medicine where i work . They can only oblige with a sponsorship letter.thank you

        Liked by 1 person

        • I’m afraid the time period is too short. You are not likely to make this trip. For a government sponsored trip I believe your office Protocol Unit should provide you with a Note-verbal, which along with a letter of introduction will be enough.

          You may wish to attach your personal bank statement but as I said earlier,your application is late. You aren’t likely to get this visa on time. Try to apply for your visa s month or 2 ahead.


  1. Good day. I submitted my application to the consular in March. My application was denied, and no reason stated on the form why it was denied. I went to the consular’s office but no reason was given and I was asked to reapply in 10 days if I wished to. I am not a first time traveler even though it would have been my first time in south Africa. I found out most applications were denied during this period, some said is because of the xynophorbic situation.


    • My sincerest apology. It is unlawful to deny you a visa without a reason and I have never come across this situation in my experience. I will suggest you give it about a month before you reapply. In the mean time, please check that your passport is valid with at least 6 months to spare,your documents are complete and your financial status is reasonable. Good luck.


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