How to Make Your Own Wig (Part 1)

After receiving a quote of almost a hundred thousand naira for an 8 inch human hair wig, I knew there had to be another way.  I’ll be straight with you, times are hard and spending frivolously on hair that isn’t absolutely necessary is unwise. But, where there’s a will, there’s a way and as this thing goes we must slay!

Making your own wig is a project, requiring a few household items and others that are easy to find. It also requires as much technical skill as fixing your weave-on, only this time you are sewing it unto a wig cap. So, if you have basic sewing knowledge and have watched the hair-dresser fix your weave, you can make your own wig. But first let’s discuss the types of wigs.


To make your first wig, you have to first decide on the type of wig you want to make. Since synthetic wigs are relatively affordable, this post will focus on making a Human Hair Wig. There are so many different wigs structures designed to meet one’s individual need and I have tried to explain this in the table below.

Structure of Wigs
Full Wig

Full wig
  • Full weave sown on the wig cap. No closure, no true parting. Your natural hair is completely covered with this wig.
U-Part Wig

u part wig
U-Part wig
Weave sown on the wig cap with space in front to allow the users hair come through to cover the weave. Your natural hair comes through the opening of the U-part to give a more natural finish.
Front Closure Wig Please click on the pictures to get a clearer look. Uses a closure in front to cover you natural hair but allows you create a side or center parting depending on where you place it on the wig cap. This is more expensive because of the lace front closure, however your natural hair is completely protected and the wig still has a natural finished look because of the lace
Lace Front Wig

13x4 full lace frontal closure (ear-to-ear)
13×4 full lace frontal closure (ear-to-ear)
 same as above but more expensive
360 Lace Frontal Wig  360-lace-wigs-180-density-360-full-lace-human-hair-wigs-for-black-women-indian-virgin same as above but more expensive
Full Lace Wig  rbvahfzndpcaodujaaqx1-r0ura715   same as above but most expensive

Deciding on the best wig for you depends a lot on your budget, your hair type and your need. I hope the table above helps you in deciding on what best suits you and what you’d like to make. Please  note that these pictures aren’t mine. They are all from Aliexpress Vendors. I only used them for better illustration.

I don’t like unduly long posts so I’ve divided this post into parts.

Click here for How to Make Your Own Wig (Part 2)>

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