The Bible in One Year 2017- January

The Bible in One Year 2017- January
The Bible in One Year 2017- January

At the start of this year, I decided to read the Bible from start to finish. But, this isn’t the first time.

I attempted to do this in 2005 and again in 2011, and both times I didn’t get past Genesis. However, this time I’m using Youversion and I am determined to make it through this year.

Youversion is a free Bible app I’ve talked about in my previous post: My 11 favourite Mobile Apps. It is a free and simple Bible you can install on your phone, tablet, or computer or use directly on the web. To support my goal of reading all the books of the Bible this year, it has a Reading plan titled: The Bible in One Year, which I think you should try. It also has a daily reminder to help you stay on track.

Like other books I’ve reviewed, I’ll be sharing things I find new, interesting or helpful. I’m no theologian or anything.
The goal is to get a better understanding of my Christian faith and know exactly the Bible says, and I would like to document and share my learning and experience with you monthly.


I made it through January but it wasn’t without challenges. Despite the reminders on my phone, I found myself lagging 2 or 3 days behind and struggling to catch up. The plan includes reading three different books everyday, two (2) readings from the Old Testament and one (1) from the new testament. I prefer the Good News Bible to the King James Version. I get lost in all that “eateth and drinketh”.

Last month, I found a few shocking facts within these sacred texts

Lot’s Rape
Basically, Lot’s unnamed daughters drugged and took turns raping him because there was no man around to give them children, to preserve the family line. In my opinion, their motive was a little more sinister than they claim, especially if you consider the fact that in verse 8 of the same chapter, Lot had offered both of these women up to be gang raped by the mob in place of his guests.

Sarah, Abraham’s Half-Sister
I didn’t know that Sarah was Abraham’s half-sister. In present time, this is weird, if not frowned upon as incestuous. However, I guess times were different and perhaps, it’s a traditional thing.

Parental Favoritism
This and outright scheming as shown by Rebecca, Jacob’s mother and Laban, Jacobs father-in-law and also by Jacob himself. I found this very disheartening. A true learning here for me was that open favoritism always brings disharmony and envy within a family. I think parents should endeavor to treat all their children equally and with love.

The Unloved Wife
Despite being common enough today, it was sad to read about Leah. Because Jacob was deceived into marrying her, he did not love her and her pain was constantly reflected in the names she gave her sons. God saw that she was not loved and made her fruitful, but I don’t think this satisfied her because in the those names you see that she just wanted to be loved by her husband.

Levi and Simon Massacre Shechem
This gave me chills because Jacob had settle the matter. Shechem had been circumcised as requested along with all his men. He was to marry Dinah, who he had raped and fallen in love with. But Levi and Simeon where having none of that. They chilled till all the men were sore from the circumcision and killed them all for their only sister’s honor.

Jesus Fed the Multitude TWICE
The miraculous feeding of the five thousand with five loaves and two fish is very popular, but I didn’t know he also fed four thousand men with seven loaves and some fishes in the exact same way!

There are a few other striking episodes and I’ll include them in my next month’s summary. Reading the Bible as an adult is so much more entertaining and way more dramatic than I was led to believe as a child. I’m looking forward to subsequent books and I hope you’ll join me. And If you’ve ever read the whole Bible, please leave me a comment below!


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