My 11 Favorite Mobile Apps



On the average, I have about 100 apps on my phone and right now, I have 129 installed. Most of them perform similar functions but have unique features that make them indispensable. Others I have not used in a while, but because they often come in handy, I keep them. Why delete a useful app if you have space for it? I have a lot of space!

I still use my Samsung Note 4 with current memory capacity at 96GB, which in my opinion is better than the new Samsung Note 5 (which lacks expandable memory. But that is an argument for another blog post).

Now, here are my top 11 favorite android apps, and why you should get them too.

  1. Dropbox
    Dropbox-Logo-High-Res_1Dropbox is simply a Cloud Storage and sharing app. I use it to back up my pictures, important documents, books, music and other large files I would like to share.
    This app synchronizes with all my other devices so I can access my files anywhere anytime. My best feature on this app is the ability to share large files with people even if they do not have a Dropbox account.
  2. Google Maps
    0_google_mapsI love driving to new places, and with Google Maps, it’s like being in a Need For Speed adventure. I use Google Maps to find different places and get directions. You will be surprised how accurate this app is in Nigeria even in less developed cities like Benin, Makurdi and Asaba.
    A few months ago, Google went a step further to include live traffic updates in Nigeria, highlighting high traffic routes in red. Cool right? My favorite feature is Voice-guided GPS navigation for driving. It is great and quite safe because I don’t have to look at my phone while driving.
  3. CamScanner
    app-icon-696-mzl.fmagbggxThis is my work favorite. It always has my boss and colleagues saying “So fast?”.  I use this to scan, pdf and send documents in seconds depending on the number of pages.
    It allows you take a picture of your document, then automatically sets the crop feature to cut out the unnecessary background for a cleaner image. Then it provides a range of enhancement settings to improve the document’s visual quality. I’d say it is indeed the No. 1 mobile document scanning and sharing app.
  4. WordPress
    wordpress-logo-20This is self-explanatory, isn’t it? This app allows me work on my blog posts on the go. What is great about it is, I get an idea for a blog post and I can start working on it immediately without the hassle of booting my laptop. I receive, approve and respond to notifications and comments promptly and I can keep track of my visitors and site traffic.
  5. Elevate
    logo-542b16a3c9b2dafe358a12d4If you follow me on Facebook, you’ll know how much I love this app. Elevate is a brain training program to improve memory, math skills, listening and speaking skills and so much more. I feel really cool and confident when I do percentages and discounting in my head, plus the customized reminder makes sure I practice every day. I’ve tried a number of other brain training apps and this is the only one I’m  dedicated to.
  6. Coursera
    unnamedLearning for free online is amazing. In my prior post on personal development, education and MOOCs, I talked about Coursera and its numerous courses available; from Computer Programming to Nutrition or Marketing. Well, you can now study on the go. This app lets you watch the class lessons and take your test on your phone just as you would on a desk or laptop. This makes learning o much more convenient.
  7. My Calendar
    mzl.avtseegk.512x512-75I have this doting app to keep track of “my eggs”, every woman should, if not for baby-making then for planning your day and managing your hormones. This app tracks your period, fertility, ovulation and the chance of pregnancy. It’s great for women looking to conceive, or on birth control. The reminders are really helpful too.
  8. YouVersion
    app-icon-english-900x900I’m God’s Girl. My faith is a huge part of my identity and I keep His word close with YouVersion. This app makes the Bible easy to navigate and depending on the version, it reads the verses out loud.
    It boasts numerous versions of the Bible in so many languages including our own; Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa. It also provides customized reminders and reading plans to encourage you to read the Bible daily. My favorite feature is the ability to share verses with friends via social media, email, or SMS.
  9. Nike Training Club
    Keep fit in the comfort of your home. This app is my personal trainer. It lets me choose from over 100 workouts of various intensity and different levels of fitness, all motivated by Nike Trainers.
    You earn NikeFuel points on every work out and can share your progress on social media.
  10. Powerampunnamed (1)
    Music is a very important part of my day. Working out or driving to work, music pumps me up and gets me ready to conquer the world. I bought Poweramp because I couldn’t find a free music player that looped tracks into one another without gaps, to create a steady flow of songs I liked, and  I was not disappointed. You can download the full trial version that lets you try out all the features of this app for 2 weeks before you make a purchase.
  11. Moon Reader **drumroll please**
    I’ve talked about reading with apps in an older post and this app is my absolute favorite. I’ve got it on all my phones and even my camera. I’ve used it for over 3 years now, and the developers are constantly making it better. It supports so many different file formats including epub, pdf, mobi. My favorite feature has to be the Text-to-speech function (available in Pro Version) and the Reading statistics it provides; telling you how much of the document you’ve read and how many hours you’ve got left to finish it. It also synchronizes with Dropbox and Google Drive which is just perfect.

Summarily, I tried hard to list just 10 apps, but I ended up with 11 because I couldn’t delete any one of these without feeling like this article would be incomplete. All the apps listed are available on iOS.
Despite my background in Computer Science, I don’t consider myself a techie or an expert in the IT field. Nevertheless, I recommend these apps, at the very least, they will improve the quality of certain aspects of your life.


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