How to Collect your BSc Certificate from University of Abuja

If you graduated from the University of Abuja at least 10 years ago, your certificate is probably ready. However, there just isn’t enough information available on the collection process prior to visiting the campus, which is out of town and often out of most people’s way.

So as requested, this post attempts to shed some light on the process of collecting your BSc certificate from the University of Abuja. The process is pretty straight forward, and you could get your certificate in a day if you have all the requirements I am about to list. However, things will get very hectic really quickly if you don’t meet a requirement, or heaven forbid, two or more. So, please read the list carefully and save yourself the inconvenience.

Dress Code
There’s no mention of a dress code anywhere near the Senate Building to inform people of the rules. So, cover up well – high neck line, sleeves, trouser or knee to ankle length skirt. or you won’t be let in. It’s 2016 but a sleeveless blouse is still considered indecent in the University of Abuja. Yes, your arms are too sexy for the school. That lady at the entrance will be rude and refuse to let you in. She will go as far as threatening to push you if you don’t move.

Recommendation: Respect yourself and go with a jacket. For best results, go in native attire. If possible, veil up with minimal make up. Looking meek and “Malo” will save you a lot of trouble here.

Do all you can to get these documents BEFORE you go to the school. Turn your house upside down if you have to.

  • Original Statement of Result (+2 photocopies)
  • Student ID Card (+2 photocopies)

After over 10 years, it’s ridiculous that the school authorities actually expect you to still have that flimsy ID card. Well, listen carefully, if your Student ID card is missing, which is most likely the case, you have 2 options:

  1. First you’ll need to start the legal process of reporting your missing Student ID card at the police station, then you’ll have to swear an affidavit in court, then write an application for a new passport at the Security Unit in the Mini Campus in Gwagwalada. You’ll be told to return in about a week to get the approved form (which will be signed by the Registrar), then make the N2,000 payment, before you finally get issued another Student ID Card. It’ll take at least a months to get a new one.
  2. Or the easier (but questionable way) would be to go opposite the Mini Campus and just ask around to make a new one. Go with an old passport photograph. It usually takes a few hours and costs about N3,000. When you get it, rough it up properly in some sand to make it look old.

If your Statement of Result is missing, I don’t know what to do for you really. Just go and report yourself and begin the legal process. There’s no shortcut. Good luck

You’ll need to go to the Senate Admin building on the University of Abuja Permanent site. It’s not too far after the airport and I’ve included a google map location as usual. Ask around to find the office – on the second floor.

Recommendation: If you have a car, do drive to the permanent site, otherwise hire one for the day. Getting in and out of that site is crazy because no ready taxis or buses pause there. As if that isn’t enough, bikes are not allowed on the premises. The Senate Building and school offices are at least 10-minutes walk from the gate. Without a car, you’ll have to trek around under that scorching sun.  Trust me, you don’t want to go around sweltering if you don’t have to.

Remember, the staff are Civil Servants. Give them time to resume and settle in.
Recommendation: Pick a weekday between Monday to Thursday. You aren’t likely to get much done on a Friday. Don’t go there too early, between 9:30am to 10am is a good time to get there.

Some of the staff can be very rude, offhanded and curt to people. I guess they see everyone as  undergraduate students.
Recommendation: Be prepared to be patient. Overlook all the gibes and try to remain friendly and polite. Focus on why you are there. Once you have your certificate, you’ll hopefully never have to meet any of them again.

At the Admin office, you may be required to make some payments for Certificate and Alumni fees

  • N6,000 (If you graduated before 2008)
  • N8,000 (if you graduated 2008 or after)

Behind the Senate Building there’s a ‘cyber cafe’, which is actually just several canopies by the side of the street with small vendors offering computing, photocopying, etc. You’ll be asked to pay N250 for a Remitta application form. FYI: Remitta is the online portal now used for all payments to federal government agencies.
You’ll then have to go to First Bank (across the street) to make the payment. As usual, the bank requires everyone to store all bags, big or small, in the outside lockers before entering the bank. Once inside, depending on your luck, you may have to wait a while if the queue for Remitta payments is long, or if the network is down.

After payment, the customer service officer will print you another form which you are to take to the bursary (on the ground floor, left of the entrance) in exchange for a receipt. You are to return with this receipt to the Admin office.
Recommendation: As I’ve said, be patient and focus on why you are there.

The Collection Process
You will need to fill the application form with personal details and attach photocopies of the above items I listed. You’ll be directed to an office where you will submit these documents along with the original copy of your Statement of Result in exchange for your official Certificate. You will be asked to sign in a register to acknowledge receipt, after which you can finally be on your merry way.

Disclaimer: To begin with, this information is only valid as at October 2016. Next, please keep in mind that I do not work for the University, neither am I an alumnus of said body or affiliated in anyway. The details in this post are based on a collection of experiences from alumni of the University and their ordeal getting their certificates.

If you have any experience you’d like to share or any information or tips that may be helpful to the collection process, please leave them in the comment section below.


17 Comments Add yours

  1. Thomas says:

    Please, what is the process for replacement of lost original certificate?


  2. uddy obong says:

    what of the distance learning programme for the pass 10 years, is their certificate also ready?


    1. Red says:

      Hi Obong,
      Unfortunately, I have no information on this. It might be worthwhile to visit the University and make enquires.
      Kind regards.


  3. Dele says:

    My question is “why is this delay for the collection of a certificate that took me four years to work for?


    1. Red says:

      I’m sorry I don’t have the answer to you question. I do not work with the school. Cheers


      1. Dele Olukotun says:
 then are you speaking as an authority with information for the numerous graduates who are still waiting eagerly for their results. I suggest you channel your energy on something more profitable to you.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. ucheha says:

          This is a ‘guide’ from ‘personal experience’ aimed to ‘help’ graduates from the university. I noticed ‘suggestions’ not ‘statements of authority’. Apologies if you don’t find it useful. I suggest you direct your enquiry to the university’s management and make your own post on the feedback you get. Good luck as you move along sourpuss.

          Liked by 1 person

  4. Tina Dike Joseph says:

    Thanks this information is really helpful.


    1. Red says:

      Thank you for reading!
      Please remember to share.


  5. Your are not far from the truth for all the provided information below. You did a good job, kudos to you. Though i have not collected my original certificate, i graduated 2014, but all your facts are 100% correct and still valid and upto-date.


  6. Hauwa Imam says:

    Search Results for: You can actually go and select University of Abuja. then under payment select Tender Fees and type in certificate collection. Indicate the sum as specified above then click process or pay. Under payment mode select the local debit cards option and pay on line. if you do not have a bank token click on request for code which will be sent to the phone you have entered on the remita . Once you receive the code fill it in and pay. Bingo your receipt is generated. Print out and take to the university allong with the other requirements. Very easy.


    1. Red says:

      Thank you!


  7. John says:

    Please confirm in a statement that the 2008 degree certificate is ready. Thanks


  8. John says:

    Can you confirm that 2008 Degree Certificate is ready?


    1. Red says:

      Apologies. I can’t confirm the readiness of any certificates at this time. Thank you.


  9. Akinjola Saliy says:

    gud pm, pls I av a statement of result for diploma in banking and finance from uniabuja 2003. pls can I get my certificate for dis and if yes pls wat ar d requirement. tnkz


    1. Red says:

      Sorry, I don’t have any information with regards to Diploma certificates.
      I recommend you go to the Main Campus (Permanent Site) to find out.
      2003 is a long time so it is safe to assume that it is ready.
      Good luck!


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