Lunch Time at Nkoyo, Ceddi Plaza

I went to the Nkoyo Restaurant located in Ceddi Plaza, in the heart of Abuja and as usual, I was just pleased to be there, even though I was alone.

I’ve always liked Nkoyo restaurant in Abuja! It’s such a beautiful place. The restaurant was decorated with bamboos and plants, giving the area a warm ambience. Many African artworks decorated the walls and leaned on the bamboos, making it look half like an art gallery. I immediately wanted to take out my camera cause it was so picturesque.

There’s usually live piano, but not today because there was a wedding lunch going on in an area of the restaurant, so it was pretty noisy, with screeches of excitement piercing the air from time to time. Still, it was pretty upscale and there was a lively feeling in the air.


On arrival, I was promptly offered a menu and I noticed two waiters keeping me in their sights. Given that the restaurant was pretty full then, I remember thinking their service was surprisingly fast. No complaints here.

I ordered a simple chicken steak with basmati rice and classic Nigerian tomato sauce. For drinks, I decided to try their Nkoyo classic mocktail. The drink took no time at all to appear, and it came with a complimentary bowl of chips.


So I whipped out my computer and camera and tried to do some work, but as I waited for the main meal to be served, I couldn’t help sneaking out my camera and taking a few pictures because Nkoyo is just that pretty.

Again, the food arrived surprisingly fast, especially with the number of people they seated in the restaurant. I was glad! So, the verdict:


Nkoyo Classic Mocktail: It looked really pretty with its red watermelon and yellow pineapple, and it tasted good too! Although it would have been better if it was colder. Still, I give it a 7/10.

Chicken Steak, Basmati Rice and Nigerian Tomato Sauce: The chicken steak was amazing…one of the best I’ve tasted both home and abroad. It was cooked well all through and so juicy. That was a 10-hands down! The only thing that brought this meal down a bit was the tomato sauce…it was like an afterthought; not spiced or salted enough, and not enough of it. All in all, though, I’d give the meal an 8/10.


Summarily, I’m definitely going back to Nkoyo soon, especially as the meal didn’t break my bank… only N2,800 plus tax. You should visit and be sure to try that chicken steak!

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