Switch Up Your Looks with YouCam Makeup App

I’m not a makeup kind of girl. The best I’ve done in more than two years is plaster on some lipstick and eye liner, and off I go!

Recently, my aunt, who is even worse than I am, posted a picture on our family WhatsApp group and I almost fainted. This woman was all made up! I might have even seen a hint of blush on her cheeks. She looked dolled up and barely recognisable.

Quickly, I chatted her up thinking she had gone to a saloon or been a victim of a makeup crazy friend. She told me her secret: YouCam Makeup App.

I quickly downloaded it. I think I’m hooked!

This app can change anything: lip colour, eye brows, eye lashes, eye shadow, hair style, hair colour, face contour, blush, foundation, skin color, skin blemish, lip colour, teeth whitener, and even some costume makeup.

I also love that it gives you 10 free pre-set makeup looks, even as it allows you to add each element individually. Each individual element is pretty detailed too, e.g. different designs and colours for your lashes and eyebrows.

img_6505.jpgA word of caution though – if you use the app too heavily, you will end up looking pretty fake! For example, don’t get carried away with all the eyebrow options else you’ll look like a totally different person. I never realised how your eyebrows change your face until I started using this app. So usually, I just like to keep my eyebrows as it is. And watch your skin tone when using the pre-set looks.


My favourite things to use on the app are lipstick and dark eye liner and shadow…just like in real life. So I’d advise that whatever you’re doing, keep it as close to your real self as possible so it looks believable.

Remember there’s only so much the app can do – so if your hair is in your face, your makeup would naturally not be applied right.


This is definitely an app you can have fun with, especially for selfies (wink); and it’s handy too for makeup lazy girls like me…I mean, I look fly without an ounce of effort. Recommended!

YouCam Makeup on Play store | YouCam Makeup on iTunes

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