6 Reasons to Walking For Weight Loss


Exercising regularly is the most recommended way to lose weight and stay healthy. “Workout at least 30 minutes every day” they say, but let’s be honest, exercising is hard, the results are frustratingly slow and it is near impossible to do it every day.

But, we have to try. #GetSkinnyOrDieTrying

They say cardio is good for weight loss so I started running, but if you’ve been fat and tried to run, you know that it is no easy feat. With our laps itchy and angry from all that clashing, we make it back home on a prayer. We fall to the floor breathless and struggle to stay alive.
In search of a kinder alternative, I’ve started walking. So, here are 5 reasons I prefer to walk.

  1. It’s easier
    Except for special circumstances, we’ve all been walking before the age of 1. Walking requires no training, it’s second nature. It requires less mental motivation and physical preparation. I don’t have to give myself a long motivational speech to get out of bed at dawn and there’s no need to “kit up”; no need to get in running pants or lace up running shoes. Often enough, I reach for the nearest bubu and slippers and just go.
  2. It’s sustainable
    Because it’s less stressful, walking is easier to stick to and make it a habit. It’s also less exhausting, less sweaty and can be done daily without adverse strain on your joints and heart.
  3. It’s safer
    Estimates state that nearly 80 percent of runners are injured yearly. In comparison, walking is one of the safest forms of exercise known today. You are less likely to fall or get seriously hurt taking a walk. It’s gentle on your knees and joints so you don’t get shin splits or painful feet.
  4. You don’t have “Runger”
    Running like most workouts, makes you ravenous. I get so hungry I want to stop and just cry. Runger is that insatiable feeling you get when you’re running regularly. You are just always hungry. In my experience, by midday, I’ve eaten double the calories I burnt during the run at dawn. But walking doesn’t make me feel hungry. I can control myself.
  5. You still get most of the Health Benefits: You still get the endorphin (happy hormone) surge if you walk instead of run. Research suggests that walking gives all the same health benefits as running—minus the risks. People saw a reduced risk of hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes, and improved better cardiovascular health as long as they burnt as much calories.
    So, replace a 30-minute run with a hour’s walk.
  6. It’s more relaxing
    When walking I get to enjoy the weather, sights and sounds at dawn. I’m not preoccupied with reaching the finish line and beating my old record. It relaxes me and allows me think and plan the day ahead.

In summary, all hope isn’t lost if you can’t run or jog. You can walk or swim, but I’ll talk about swimming later. I’ll probably do a “How to walk more” post soon but for now, thank you for reading.

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