Quote of the Day



We all have different‬ perspectives on life‬.

We all do take different decisions‬ in life each day based on our‪ ‎convictions‬.

We may take wrong‬ or right‬ decisions ‪‎knowingly‬ and or ‪‎unknowingly‬.

We may regard #decisions of ‪#‎others‬ as right or wrong.

We may have a right or wrong ‪‎reason‬ to ‪#judge‬ others.

We have a ‪choice‬ to condemn‬ or uplift‬ others regardless of their‪ situation‬.

May we instead, find reasons‬ to #uplift others….

or at the very least just mind our damn‬ business.

~Ernest Agyemang Yeboah


That last line, I had to add myself…lol


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