AS Genotype Couple

Your Options as an AS Genotype Couple – Conclusion

Edited by the Chocoholic Girl

In conclusion, let me emphasise that I am not a medical personnel or any type of expert in the medical field. The information gathered in this post is based on years of research invested into try find a way around the genotype dilemma.

That said, whichever option you and your partner settle for, I sincerely wish you both happiness.


Some Hope
In late 2015, I stumbled on articles in the Vanguard and The Herald discussing a cure for Sickle Cell Disease and stating that Nigerian doctors were to be trained in the USA on the procedure by the first quarter of 2016.
However, there are drawbacks with regards to the availability, risks, limitations and cost of the procedure since it’s new, and then finding a matching donor for the bone marrow transplant. But it’s hope none the less.
In the meantime, do support the Sickle Cell Foundation Nigeria.

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31 thoughts on “Your Options as an AS Genotype Couple – Conclusion

  1. Thank you so much for this strong information, I just stumbled on today, even though I’ve read so much about AS genotype couples and how to deal with it, I still find this very useful, am a lover of children and one of my neighbor have a 2yrs DOUGHTER having an SS genotype, so am just searching for how best to care for the cute girl to avoid crises. I and my husband are also an AS genotype and we planed to have 2 or 3 kids at most, God help us get it right. Break up is NOT an option for us. Thanks for this piece of info. God bless you in many ways.


  2. Hello Red, your article is very informative. Thanks for taking the time to research into this. I am in love with a woman whom I feel should be my wife; unfortunately we are both AS. I have been thinking a way to riggle out of this predicament and have been thinking if my sperm could be artificially extracted, tested as to the genes and inseminating my wife, irrespective of the gene of the egg she is donating to be fertilized.

    Has anyone thought of or done this?

    Thank you all

    N. G. O.


  3. you so much for this piece of information. As a pastor, I needed to know if there were other options other than break up so as to have sufficient information for prospective couples who come for counseling and are both AS. I have always been blunt with the break up option once a prospective couple mentions to me that they are both AS. Many Blessings!

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    1. Thank you for reading Pastor and I’m so happy you found this post informative. Please share with prospective couples so they know what the choices are.
      God bless you!


  4. Hello. I and my man face similar situation. We were friends for a year before we started dating, and we knew at once that we wanted to be together. Just a few weeks in, I had to ask, lo and behold, we are both AS. U would think it was early enough to call it quits, hell no, I wasn’t finding it easy, but I wasn’t considering it. Surprisingly, he seemed relaxed, and ask me to go get myself medically informed on this. I spoke with a doctor and learned the medical solutions. I am not going anywhere, we are going to make healthy babies, thanks to science. This man is a package I can’t afford to pass on, never been with anyone who adored me this much, not about to let my genotype get in the way. We will be as careful as we need to be, don’t want to watch my children in pains either

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    1. We are both in this sister, my man is also a package, doesn’t even see it as an issue, so we’re in this together, God our strength


  5. Hi,

    Thanks for the article. I have to admit I already know most, if not all of these info. I did a ton of research when, while dating, we discovered that we were both AS and I was pregnant.

    I took out the pregnancy in a panic, but months after we decided to get married all the same, with the intention of taking the prenatal diagnosis option.

    The next pregnancy was AS, but I lost it about three weeks after the test was done. So the miscarriage risk is no joke.
    That was painful as heck. Plus, a D/C at 15 weeks? Let’s just say it wasn’t the most fun period of my life.

    I’m almost tempted to go the faith route now, but I visit hospitals often in my line of work, see the trouble sickle cell sufferers go through and really cannot justify not taking the option of a test when it’s available.

    I’d like to speak with, or meet anyone in a similar situation who can give me more information on avoiding a miscarriage etc.

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    1. Hi Kes,

      Thank you for reading!

      Sorry to hear about these difficult experiences. I suggest you speak with someone at the Bridge Clinic. I heard they are foremost in Nigeria with respect to most fertility concerns.

      All the best.


    1. Hello Tobi,
      You may wish to visit a fertility clinic and get information on Pre-implantation diagnosis. It’s an option available in Nigeria.
      I wish you both happiness.
      Thank you for reading


    1. Hello Femi and thank you for reading.
      I don’t know too much about surrogacy, except that it is an option where your woman is unable to carry a child to term for some reason or the other.
      In the case of genotype, the problem isn’t with the individuals capacity to carry a child to term but with the genes. So I don’t think surrogacy is an option here.
      With respect to IVF, I don’t think you need an AA genotype donor. I would recommend you speak with a medical professional at a fertility clinic to to shed more light on Chorionic villus sampling (CVS).
      Good luck and please remember to share.


  6. This is really helpful. My wife and I are both AS and has a 5 year old son that is SS. Though healthy and without crisis, I got to know my genotype through my son’s as I always believed I was AA. Now we re stucked as we ve been together for 10 years. I think the NO KIDS option will work best for us while nursing this baby to health

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    1. Thank you for reading Lawal and I wish you all the best with your son. There’s a lot of progress regarding a cure for Sickle Cell Disease, and IVF is becoming increasingly affordable. So, if you’d like more children, I’ll encourage you to seek medical counselling and keep an open mind.
      Good luck and thank you for reading.
      Oh, and remember to share this post.


  7. just read your article now. I stumbled on it while trying to get solutions to my dilemma. I have lost a number of relationships because of genotype. My fiance got her genotype test result today, about 2 hours ago, and she is AS. I love her dearly. I am really seeking for a way out of this predicament. I do not know why I always fall in love with AS ladies. I am AS too. My life is in the hand of God.

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    1. I certainly feel your pain. 7 relationships here and all AS. I am AS as well. There must be some law of attraction. It’s a tough decision but we all have to make a choice. Good luck!

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  8. Wow so well said. So detailed and really helpful and hopefully. Thank you for this information. Its really difficult to decide on going apart when that’s the one person you what to go through it all with. Nobody usually understands when it has to do with this critical matter. It is well and hope one day this becomes a thing of the past. Cheers.

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    1. Yeah, it’s a difficult situation to be faced with but one day there will be an affordable cure. Thank you for reading and remember to share.


  9. Hi,
    I stumbled on this article as I had to some research since I met a girl I would love to get serious with but got to find out she also has the AS genotype and she asked me to read up on advancements as we could still get together. I am definitely sticking to option 1 because I do not believe in getting into troubles and complications which can be avoided. I love your style of writing i must say, I giggled almost all through. Cheers

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