How to Knot A Tie Like a Diva

Neckties are predominantly male fashion accessories that instantly transform formal dressing. Ordinarily, this post should be for men and it is. However, I’m putting this together for my ladies too.

Knowing how to knot a tie is a great skill for every woman; the wife, the mom, the fashion-forward or the curious – just looking to learn something new. Getting your kids ready for school or your man for work, or perhaps helping out a brother or friend? This post is for you.

There are so many ways to knot a tie but today, it’s the Full Windsor Knot. This knot is not the easiest to tie, but I chose it for two reasons: First it’s great on men, and next, compared to small knots that look like they are only there to fill in a gap, this knot looks deliberate and in my opinion, has presence. It is large and even, and seats squarely in the middle of both collars like it belongs there. Below is an illustration of how to get it done.
Full Windsor Knot

A few Tips

  • Read the whole post before you make your first attempt
  • Don’t expect to get this on the first try. It took me 2 tries.
  • Make the “skinny” leg half the length of the “fat” leg, then begin by crossing the fat leg over the skinny one.
  • From step 2 to the end, dedicate 3 fingers (thumb, index and middle) of one hand (preferably your left if you are right-handed) to holding both “legs” of the knot together in the middle of your/his chest. This is where our knot will form. The other hand will move the “legs” around.
  • Never leaving the tie, make sure the loops are firm, not too tight so you can make adjustments and not too loose or it will look a mess.
  • By step 8, make sure your index finger is in the middle of the knot so it can make room for step 9 and 10.
  • Practice on your own neck till you have it figured, or just carefully pull it over your head and wear it over his or hers.

It’s so much easier if you use this video so if you have got enough data, watch him.

Now, let me present my first Full Windsor Knot.

I’m so proud, I’m looking forward to trying the Eldredge Knot.

Besides being just a support skill, I think knowing how to knot a tie is a great way to score relationship brownie points and initiating intimacy. Love isn’t just what you say, it’s the little things you do. I can’t count the number of romantic movies were kisses have been stolen while knotting his tie. You deserve that much affection.

Whatever your reason, I hope this knot puts a little spark in your life. So, start practising. Monday is almost here!

Have you tried knotting a tie? How did it go? Let me know in the comments below.
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