Happy New Year!

I remember sitting in my car in 2016 wondering if in the coming year, I’d still have something to share. I was afraid no one would ever read my posts and I’d never make any meaningful contribution to anyone’s existence. Thankfully, I was wrong.

2017 Recap
From barely 6,000 views and 1000 visitors in 2016, we are at over 60,000 views and almost 30,000 visitors this year, plus hundreds of likes, comments, followers, subscribers and emails. Over 80% of these people are from Google Search which I like to think means we provided some information or an answer to a concern or topic of interest. We added value.

Yes, I said we because I simply couldn’t have achieved this without you. You are the reason I’m up at midnight, the reason I’m traveling, reading and learning, the reason I have the courage to hit “Publish” even when I feel vulnerable about something I’m about to tell you.

I’m not some great writer or best-selling author with the most engaging content. I probably never will be. But, you should know I’m growing and you give me the courage to aspire, to live my fullest life, to indulge in my passions and to become the very best version of myself.

In turn, I hope I add something small to your day, a way to be more productive and save some money,  or an inspiration to be a better person for you and your family, find and enjoy great food, or travel and make memories with people you love. I’ve been living, learning, laughing and loving it because I get to share it with you.

2018 Goals
Today dawns a new year and a chance to do this even better!

My goal for The Red Confidential isn’t to be famous or as wealthy as Linda Ikeji (although it won’t hurt to be able to give you recharge cards and other monetary gifts monthly). It’s to add something small to the simple daily life of very ordinary people.

Primarily, I’m looking to post more regularly, twice a week, Wednesdays and Saturdays, with a focus on books, places, products and services in Abuja.

Next, I’ve also been working on ad spaces for both image and text advertisements on the sidebar and footer of our home and single post pages, which I hope to offer FREE for the first month. All details are available in the FAQ and Advertise Here page. If you’d like an ad space, email me. If not, tell your friends.

Finally, I also hope to officially launch the Red Store. If you are a reader with something to promote or sell, I will be giving out 10 spaces FREE for the first month. Again, email me quickly before the spaces run out. If not, tell your friends.

I’m excited at the prospect of promoting my readers hustle and I’ll probably do a detailed post on this in January. I can’t wait to hear from you!

Now tell me, what are your plans for this prosperous New Year?
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3 responses to “Happy New Year!”

  1. Congratulations on your great achievements!
    I’m still running the free plan so I can’t know my Google effect or whatever but i did mental back flips when I noticed my blog posts are actually on Google😭. It’s such a big deal to me😎
    Happy New year!
    I wish you the best this year.


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