What’s Your Favourite Part of  the Chicken?

I’ve had the most fun with my friends on Facebook with this question and I decided to share it with you.

As kids, certain parts of the chicken were out of reach. The gizzard was always for my dad and not good for children. So were the thighs. Mom said if we ate the chicken’s butt, it would make us tell lies.

Chicken on wood table

While cutting up some chicken this Christmas, I remember my brother’s solemn protest “I never get the laps!”. He must have been about 8 or 9 years old. He was the youngest and would always end up with a wing. After his surprising declaration, dad always gave him a drumstick.

This got me thinking about what part of the chicken people like and why. Turns out almost everyone has a part they live for, including the head and the toes of this bird! All grown up now, my brother doesn’t just love the drumstick but he prefers the upper thigh along with it! My dad likes the head and enjoys the eyes in particular because it’s salty. Mom and I scramble for the chicken-butt believe it or not. It’s tasty, fatty and has got meat in hard to reach places. It’s an adventure.

From my Facebook interaction, I’ve come to learn that every part of the chicken is enjoyable to someone. There were as many drumstick lovers as there were those who live for the unpopular parts like the chicken’s head, toes and just the pleasure of cracking the bones! This makes me wonder why food stores only pack breast, thighs and wings. I think there might be a significant under-served market for chicken necks, heads and toes in Nigeria!

Now it’s your turn. You’ll be having chicken this Christmas. Tell me, what’s your favourite part and why?
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9 thoughts on “What’s Your Favourite Part of  the Chicken?

  1. My dad says the head rightly belongs to the first borns in the family. But who the head epp? 😂
    My favorite part is the thigh. It has everything I want in meat…. I don’t fancy the wings much.
    Um… I’m a novice in this blogging of a thing 😭😭
    How did you create your email list? 🙈🙈

    Liked by 2 people

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