Review: Waffle Spot, Dunes Center – Maitama

Oh, I’m quite excited to tell you about this one. I had the heartiest breakfast in the most serene environment, prepared and served by courteous and friendly staff.

Waffle Stop is pretty easy to find in Dunes Centre, Maitama. If you don’t know where this is, please use Google Maps. It is sure to give you accurate directions to get you there in the shortest time from any location. It’s a cosy eatery with both indoor and outdoor sitting areas, which I think would comfortably sit at least 30 people. I particularly like how orderly the shelves at bar was and the simplistic interior.

Unlike full-on restaurants, Waffle Stop’s menu is simple, allowing you to make up your mind fairly quickly. I love that for as low as N1,500, you can get pancakes with 2 toppings, 1 syrup and an extra of your choice! Since it’s customary to have something to drink, N500 lemonade will bring your tab to a decent N2,000, which is not completely unreasonable.

I had regular waffles, with strawberry and Oreo toppings, white chocolate syrup and whipped cream. I love waffles, the shape and the little boxes make it picturesque and somewhat playful on the eyes. I asked Favour, the waitress for her opinion on a drink and she recommended this cold coffee drink, it’s name I can’t remember.

Service was timely, approximately 11mins between taking my order and serving my plate. However, I don’t know if it was because I was one of only 2 customers at the time, and they were just opening for the day. By this I mean it may take longer to be served if it’s a weekend or there’s a crowd. I liked how beautiful the serving looked, everything was camera-ready, but that’s not the only reason I came.
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I came to eat and these waffles were tasty, warm and quite a mouthful. I have a large appetite and just looking at the serving, I concluded I’d need some more to fill me up. However, half way through I discovered that an extra helping wouldn’t be necessary. The strawberries were fresh and sour, and the syrup was sufficient, with extra available on request. As you’ll see below, I made quick work of the whole meal, and crowned it with this delicious coffee drink topped with whipped cream and chocolate. Simply divine.

It’s really hard for me to complain about anything here, except for that one offending fly that kept perching around and once got on my drink.

My cousin recommended this place to me and I’m recommending it to you, not for everyday depending on the depth of your pocket but certainly for a Sunday’s Breakfast. I think it is a great place for a family breakfast and I’m sure your kids would enjoy the choice of ice-cream along with breakfast, and find the colourful fresh fruits a delight. This is not cheap, especially for family of say 4 or 5. That could rake up quite a sum, with which you could whip up a hearty breakfast at home with much change to spare.

If you’ve been to the Waffle Stop, please tell me your favourites in the comments section below. if  you haven’t, and you’d like a nice breakfast outside the comfort of your home, Waffle Stop is certainly the place to go. Oh, and if you’d like to enjoy some at home, they deliver in Abuja. So, call 09034633092 and follow Waffle Stop on Twitter. P.S: Don’t say I never did anything good for you all.

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