Food: Poached Eggs and How to Make Yours

Sunday’s Breakfast is a big deal for me and to spice it up I’m adding Poached eggs to the menu. For most of us in Nigeria, we prefer our eggs hard-boiled, fried or stewed, and like our meat, we like them very well done. However, despite being semi-cooked, I love poached eggs. My dad made them for us as children and I live for that glistening white and the warm yellow yolk that oozes out of it when I cut it unto salad or a crunchy slice of toast.

My renewed interest in poached eggs was piqued courtesy Gordon Ramsey’s Master Class. Gordon is great but since his method didn’t really work for me, I spent the past few weeks perfecting my own technique.

Poached Egg sprinkled with salt and black pepper

How to Make Your Poached Egg
Poached Eggs are really easy to make and there are so many videos on YouTube teaching how to make them. However, if you are low on data, this is for you.

What You Need

  1. Fresh Eggs (Freshness Test: Fill a bowl with water and put your eggs in it. If they sink they’re fresh. If they float to the surface, they’re not.)
  2. Water
  3. Bowl
  4. Salt
  5. Perforated Spoon
  6. Dinner Fork
  7. Scoop Spoon
  8. Kitchen Paper (Optional)


  1. First, get your pot at least half full of water, 3/4 preferably and put it on medium heat to simmer.(i.e when those little bubbles appear and start rising from the bottom of the pot). The secret to a successfully poached egg is to be sure the water is good and hot before putting in your egg. (Gordon Ramsey said to put salt and vinegar in the water but it didn’t make any difference. I still had to salt the eggs afterwards.)
  2. Sit the scoop spoon (tea cup) in a bowl and gently crack an egg into it. The yolk MUST not break. Now, I know the pro-chefs just crack the egg on the edge of the table and dump it in the boiling water but I’m not there yet. I prefer the scoop spoon because it’s easier to pour the egg in the boiling water with it.
  3. Gently pour the egg into the simmering water and let it cook for about a minute or two. (Gordon says to stir, but again it makes no difference.)
  4. Use the perforated spoon to scoop away the white stuff floating on the top of the water and throw that away.
  5. Then gently fetch up your egg. You may cut off any wispy edges with a spoon if you really want that smooth perfect appearance.
  6. Hold the poached egg in the perforated spoon for a few seconds to drip off the excess water.
  7. Finally place the egg on some kitchen paper or a sieve to drain any excess water left.


  • Be sure your eggs are fresh or the yolk will break and ruin your attempt.
  • As your confidence increases, you can have more than one egg in the pot at a time
  • There are a number of kitchen appliances designed to make the perfect poached egg, however, a pot and some water are certainly most affordable.

I really hope you have a poached egg today. They are easy to make so they are great for a family meal, healthful and low in calories, and with a little salt and black pepper, a delicious addition to your breakfast or salad. If you love poached eggs, let me know in the comments below! #EnjoyIt

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