5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Use of Make-Up

Still on my beauty and make-up series, improving at anything takes time and deliberate effort, and looking good is no exception. The beauty industry is constantly innovating, coming up with new products, technologies and services to switch things up. If you want to look better, get your make-up done faster, and slay even harder, this article is for you.

Try new Products and Tools
The temptation to stick with the old reliable is always there. But if you want to look refreshing you have to take a leap of faith from time to time. So, try something new, perhaps a drastic deviation with a new lip colour or eyelash extensions. It will take courage and some getting used to, and you’ll have a few hits and misses. Think of it as an adventure that will be well worth it.

Keep with the Trend
Social Media is always buzzing with “Whats New?“. Follow Pinterest Boards on Make-Up to find our what the rave is about, new lipstains or contour tricks. Also subscribe to Youtube channels and Instagram accounts run by make-up artists. Not every new trend will interest you, but you are likely to find some product or information that helps.

Be Open to New Techniques
Some make-up skills may seem impossible to master, but whatever it is, try it at least thrice before you give up on it. Wearing false lashes may not feel like your thing on the first try, but a second or third attempt may change your mind. Same goes for highlighting and contouring. You really can achieve anything if you are determined to.

Look, Learn and Copy
Don’t just flip through magazine editorials or watch the action in a movie. Look at the actress or models eye-shadow or lip colour. See the heroine’s facial highlights and contours. If you see something you like, pause, take a picture or perhaps mark the page. Identify the various colours and possible product types used, and then try to replicate it when you have the time.

Practice, Practice, Practice!
Practice doesn’t make perfect but it certainly reduces the imperfections. It’s not enough to do it once or twice. If you want to slay you have to beat your face on a regular basis. You’ll make mistakes but you’ll learn from them. You might look like a drag queen at first but, who cares? It’s just make-up and you can easily wipe it off. In time, you’ll learn what works for you and what really doesn’t. When you can, practice on your friends because they are forgiving. Make your mistakes on someone else’s face and learn from it.

Summarily, getting better at wearing make-up is about doing what makes you feel good, and doing it very well. I’m certain that following these tips will make you so much better at getting your game-face on, you’ll look like you were born with it. Good luck trying them out and let me know how it goes!

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