New Camera!

After six months of saving and searching, I’m happy to announce that I finally got myself a DSLR camera! In my previous post, I said I wanted a Nikon D5300. However, after a bit more research I decided to aim a little higher for its upgrade; the D5500, for its touchscreen display.

I’ve been playing around with the features, and taken a few pictures in Auto Mode. But of all of them, I’m crazy about its truncated screen and swivel neck because I can easily take better selfies. You know I live for great selfies.

The Nikon D5500 is quite advanced compared to my old Samsung Galaxy Camera. I have no idea what half the features do, what exposure is, or how shutter speed or Aperture work, so I’m reading the Nikon D5500 for Dummies.

The goal here is to take better quality pictures for this blog and rely less on free images. I really enjoy setting the scene and composition, and all the work that goes into making a good picture. Oh, and I’ve sold a few images on Shutterstock, which is an exciting bonus. So, please check out my portfolio and stay tuned!

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