Review: Moi-Moi Factory, Gwarimpa

Moi-Moi from Moi-Moi Factory wrapped in a leaf



Bored with the office canteen’s food, my colleagues and I were deliberating on what to have for breakfast. Then one of them suggested we try moi-moi from the “Moi-Moi Factory”. I couldn’t hide my amusement at the name and its obvious similarity to “Charlie’s Chocolate Factory”. I was intrigued and immediately decided I’d try some.

So, today’s post is a review of Moi-Moi Factory, a healthy food company in Gwarimpa, Abuja, specializing in making interesting variations of the popular local food. They have got;

  • Fish moi-moi
  • Sausage moi-moi
  • Eggs moi-moi
  • Corned beef moi-moi
  • Kidney moi-moi
  • Plantain moi-moi
  • “kayan-chiki” (Hausa for Cow entrails) moi-moi, just to name a few

They also provide vegetarian moi-moi, void of any animal proteins or products, and cater to diabetic food requirements.

Service Delivery: The phone was answered promptly an the lady who took my order was patient and very informative, listing out the product variety. I appreciate good conversation. Next, I was delighted to find that they provide “free delivery” within the Abuja Municipal Area (although it’s for a minimum of 5 moi-mois). Delivery took about 50 minutes, that’s a long time. But coming from Gwarimpa for free, I think that’s not so bad.

Traditional Moi-moi leaf

Presentation: I like how the moi-moi comes wrapped in the traditional “moi-moi” leaves, giving the feeling of being authentic and homemade. In addition, it is wrapped in foil paper carrying the name of the moi-moi, so you can differentiate between them. Finally, each moi-moi in it’s own bag- Simple and neat.

Simple Packaging

Quality: The beans were very finely ground, giving the moi-moi a smooth feel in the mouth than you’d expect. This also made the moi-moi dense and so much more filling. Secondly, I relished “running into” little bits of sausage in the Sausage Moi-moi and so did my colleague who had the Kidney Moi-Moi. My other colleague was particularly happy with the moderate amount of salt. She had the Egg Moi-Moi and was pleased to find it had a whole egg in it. In fact, she liked it so much she didn’t even remember to use the accompanying sauce.

Moi-Moi of Life

Quantity: This moi-moi is bigger than your average, say about double the regular size. This is a meal guys. It’s way past 6:00 pm and I’m still full!

Add-Ons: Moi-Moi Factory includes a little cup carrying a signature sauce of your choice. They have got Sweet and Sour Sauce, Fish Sauce, Garlic Sauce, Hot Chilli Sauce, Ginger Sauce and Ketchup. My only disappointment was with the cover of the sauce. The cap on the sauce had popped off and strewn its content in the bag. It would be nice if they taped the caps on.

Price: N300 each and you pay on delivery. I honestly can’t complain about this.

Customer Service:My colleague relayed and unfortunate experience where for some reason, the moi-moi smelled of kerosene. She called Moi-Moi Factory to complain. They apologized profusely and replace all the moi-moi, no questions asked. I like company’s that genuinely care about the customer experience.


Summarily, Moi Moi Factory is one of the most innovative businesses I’ve seen this year, putting novel twists to our local delight. Like their slogan suggests, they are “doing moi-moi right”.

I totally enjoyed my Sausage moi-moi and I’m looking forward to my Corned Beef moi-moi tomorrow. If you are in Abuja and you are hungry, I recommend you place an order and try some. Details are on the picture above.
Enjoy it!

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  1. Thank you so very much for this review. We just stumbled on it now and are super excited you enjoyed. Once again, thank you. Moi Moi Factory

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  2. ……your review got me placing and order immediately. Waiting patiently to devour this sumptuous goodness as described by you.😀


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