7 Reasons to Love Asos


Online shopping has revolutionized the fashion industry and I have to tell you that Asos has got this business model right. Asos is one of the biggest online fashion retail store and in my opinion, the best.

Since Adiya introduced me to Asos in 2014, my life has never been the same again and neither has my bank account.

Whenever I see this brown box at the post office, I get really giddy with excitement. I feel like a child at Christmas, itching to tear it open and see what presents I’ve got. To me, this box means today is a good day!

Now here are a few reasons I love this store so much

  1. Free Shipping
    This is my Number 1 reason and it’s self-explanatory. If you have tried to shop on Aliexpress or Amazon you will understand why free international shipping is everything. Now, let me share my secret with you. I’ve noticed that if an order is less than £30, they’ll ship it by NIPOST and you pay just N500 to collect it. However, when the order is large, they ship via Skynet and Skynet is expensive, siting “customs charges”. You’ll end up paying about 5k to collect your 25k worth of goods. That’s too much please. We are on a budget here. So, break your orders people. They will get here at the same time and you’ll pay far less at NIPOST.
  2. Prompt Delivery
    Over 90% of the time, my orders get here within the stipulated 2 weeks delivery time. In fact, most of the time, they get here earlier, with a few days to spare. I put this delivery promise to test again and my order got to me on the 22nd of April as promised. I really like men and businesses that keep their promises😊.
  3. Attention to Product Detail
    Asos pays so much attention to detail. The product pictures zoom to over 500%, and you often get a 180° view and product videos so you can really see what you are paying for. To crown it, they include the models height for clothes so you get a clearer perspective of what the item would look like on you.
  4. SALES!
    There’s always a sale going on, so with a little patience, chances are you’ll get what you want at a huge discount, often between 50% and 70% off!
  5. Brand Variety
    Being a tall lady, I always had difficulty finding trousers, dresses and skirts that were long enough. Most Nigerian Boutiques just don’t cater to the tall woman. Then I found ASOS Tall and said goodbye to “jumping jeans”. Asos tries to cater to every body type with categories like Tall, Petite and Plus Size. There’s always something for everyone.
  6. Gifts and Novelty items
    Asos stocks some of the coolest gifts for both men and women, from cards and cute candles to fascinators and hip flasks. Right now, I’ve got my eye on a floating flamingo
  7. Excellent Customer Service
    Let me say this, if you got it on Asos, it will do what it’s supposed to. If it doesn’t, you can be sure of a replacement or your money back. Their Customer Service on Twitter (@Asos_HeretoHelp) response promptly to inquiries and concerns, and are super friendly.

Free Returns from Nigeria
I’m really looking forward to free returns from Nigeria. Asos doesn’t have that for us here yet, so when I get a product I’m not 100% satisfied with, I end up keeping it regardless. Free Returns would make taking risky purchases easier and save money when I return stuff I don’t really like.

In conclusion, I’m a huge fan of Asos with good reason and I’ve only listed a few of them. If you are ever in need of work wear, something for a date or just great jeans, go online and find out all this for yourself.
You could install the mobile app but be careful not to burn your card.

Shop Responsibly!!💋💋

(UPDATE): I have an 8th reason to love Asos.
It’s two weeks to my birthday and they sent me an early birthday present!



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  1. Dami says:

    I’m planning to make some orders and I was searching for recent info on asos delivery to Abuja. Thanks for the info, I found this very helpful!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Red says:

      Thank you for reading and a very merry Christmas to you!🎅
      P.S. Remember to share💋


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