Three Black women

Why We Are Still Bestfriends



It was our first reunion this year 2016 and we had the best weekend ever!

It’s been 15 years of friendship and I’m often asked how we’ve held it together after all this time.

So, I decided to interview my girls and answer this question once and for all.

We are still friends because of me! Put that in there.” – Adiya

  1. We share a lot of moral values. Our idea of what is wrong or right match 90% of the time. The 10% is what we argue.
  2. We try not to say hateful/mean things or throw around painful secrets. We try to fight fair.
  3. We respect our differences. We don’t try to understand or change each other, we are at a point where we just accept each other for who we are. We don’t always like one another, or our individual choices, but we always respect and accept each other.
  4. We have grown up together, studied together, lived together, got in and out of trouble together, prayed together… so we share a lot of memories and inside jokes.
  5. This does not mean that we are always together. We are friends but we maintain our individuality. In fact, we hardly see each other,  we really don’t need to.  With time, our friendship has grown to become like air. It’s effortless and when we need it, it is there, always.
  6. We don’t judge each other. We have each made mistakes and had moments we aren’t proud of, but we are still friends because we know that we can tell each other the truth and not be judged for it. We forgive each other and individually, it makes it easier to forgive ourselves.
  7. We support each other emotionally, spiritually, financially, you name it. We show up for one another, no questions asked, and we do it over and over again.
  8. We laugh at everything really, between three of us we can find a bright side to every problem in this life. We cry, but then we end up laughing anyway.
  9. We have very different tastes in men. We don’t try to be any boyfriend’s friend and we don’t play mediator in relationship problems. Our friendship is separate from our individual relationships.
  10. Finally, there’s three of us, which means when one isn’t around, the other is. There’s always a bestie available!

    “We are still best friends because we are “factory rejects” and no one else loves us…only Jesus.” – Thelma

Thank you for reading this. Below, do tell us about your bestie and why you are still friends.

11 thoughts on “Why We Are Still Bestfriends

  1. I wondered how you ladies did it, now I know. Thanks for letting the bag cat out of the bag. Am off to finding my own bestie.


  2. Awele, am so proud of you young lady 🙂 Keep it up. In this era of enemies masquerading as friends, its refreshing to see you guys are still real. To another 15 years of real friendship… Frances, Adiya and Thelma


    1. First, thank you for reading.
      Next, regarding promotion, I have no idea. I just write here and enjoy doing it. I’m not big on promoting it yet.


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